May 22, 2024

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Meta opens Quest OS to other hardware manufacturers – Meta

Meta opens Quest OS to other hardware manufacturers – Meta

This decision is part of the company's efforts to make functionality the most important parameter in the development of the new generation of virtual and mixed reality technologies.

Meta Horizon OS is a rebranded operating system that will come with features like gesture recognition, ambient display, scene understanding, and spatial reference for devices running on it.

The social media platform announced that it has partnered with companies such as ASUS and Lenovo, which will build devices using the Meta Horizon operating system. And at the same time dead Runs on new Quest hardware With a focus on “Xbox-inspired” games, according to the company’s announcement.

The move underscores the ambitions of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, to control the computing platform that supports virtual and mixed reality devices, similar to how Google has become a major player in the mobile market making Android open source.

A video posted to Zuckerberg's Instagram account showed examples of the specialized devices the new partners can work together to build, including a lightweight device that includes absorbent materials for exercise, a high-resolution motion for entertainment, and a third device with haptic feedback for gaming. .

ASUS, in the Republic of Gamers category, is developing a gaming headset, while Lenovo is preparing a similar device with a focus on productivity, learning and fun, and includes Horizon OS.

However, Zuckerberg noted that it may be a few years before these devices are released.

So far, virtual and mixed reality devices have not been able to penetrate the market much, with the highest adoption rates recorded by the gaming community and some companies that use them for educational purposes or video conferencing.

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Apple entered the category in February 2024 with the $3,499 Vision Pro, but analysts are talking about interest actually declining in the few months since its launch.

Meanwhile, Alphabet, Google's parent company, is rumored to be preparing an Android platform for virtual and mixed reality devices.

Meta announced that Meta Horizon OS also includes the Horizon Store, renamed the Quest Store, where users can download apps. The platform will work with a companion mobile app, now called the Meta Horizon app.

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