April 24, 2024

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Meteo: New wave of bad weather from today – see snow maps [χάρτες]

Meteo: New wave of bad weather from today – see snow maps [χάρτες]

According to the weather forecast, rain and local storms in the south today and snow at low elevations in the east country (from Magnesia and further south) from this evening to tomorrow afternoon, a new wave, an eastward moving depression in the Ionian.

Bad weather is coming according to weather forecast

According to the morning forecast data of the national observatory of Athens/meteo.gr, clouds with rain are expected today in central and southern Ionian, central Greece, Peloponnese and Evia, while Cyclades, Crete and possible local storms. Dodecanese.

Events in Crete can be serious in some places. Snowfall is expected initially in the mountains of central Greece and the Peloponnese, gradually in the semi-mountains and in the lower elevations of central Macedonia (Salkidiki), Thessaly and central Greece until the afternoon.

In Chart 1 below, the estimated total rainfall for Friday 01/12/2024 is given.

Snow on Saturday

The main feature of tomorrow's weather will be snow in the low-elevation eastern parts of the country.

In particular, from midnight to morning tomorrow, snow is expected at low altitudes in Halkidiki, Thessaly (Magnesia), Central Styria (Uritania, Phithiotida, Phocis and then Boeotia) and in the mountains and semi-mountains. Evia, Eastern Styria and Eastern Peloponnese. Magnesia and central Steria will have heavy snowfall in some places. Events will gradually weaken and stop after noon.

The chart below shows the estimated total rain and snow intensity from midnight to the morning of Saturday 01/13/2024.

Estimated amount of precipitation (rain height in blue shades and snow intensity in purple) for the three hours of Saturday 12/01 23:00 – 13/01/2023 02:00 (top) and 05:00 – 08:00 13/ 01 (bottom) , meteo.gr / Calculated by the Numerical Weather Forecast Model of the National Observatory of Athens

Estimated snow totals for parts of the eastern country (from Volos and further south) where the most significant events are expected are shown in the map below.

Cumulative snow depth in centimeters calculated on Saturday 13/01/2024, according to the numerical weather forecast model of meteo.gr/Athens National Observatory

In addition, strong and inland almost gale-force winds will prevail in the Aegean region from tonight, low temperatures for the season, their maximum values ​​will not exceed 6-8 degrees Celsius tomorrow, snow in continental areas. In northern continental areas during evening and early morning hours.

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