April 19, 2024

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Microsoft: The end of one of the most popular features in Windows 11

Microsoft: The end of one of the most popular features in Windows 11

In February 2022, Microsoft announced to US Windows 11 users the ability to “run” Android apps. Two years later, and with this feature no longer reaching many countries, it's time to summarily remove it.

Therefore, the technology giant announced the end of support for Android applications next year in a surprising move. Specifically, developers will not be able to submit new apps after March 5, 2024, and users who have installed the Amazon Appstore or Android apps through it will only continue to access those apps until March 5, 2025.

Final end March 5, 2025

With a simple announcement, it announces that it is “ending support for the Windows Subsystem for Android™️ (WSA)” and therefore “Amazon Appstore on Windows and all apps and games that rely on WSA will no longer be supported as of March 5, 2025.” Until then, technical support will remain available to customers.

Movement did not… “walk”

Amazon, in turn, says it will provide a “seamless end-of-support experience for developers and Amazon Appstore customers on Windows 11.”

This feature received mixed reviews from users with many complaining about the limited scope of apps, poor performance, and compatibility issues.

Android apps on Windows 11 initially seemed like Microsoft's answer to Apple and running iOS apps on macOS. Microsoft has partnered with Amazon but without official access to the Google Play Store. This may be the reason why Microsoft chose to “kill” Android apps in Windows 11, theverge reports.