May 22, 2024

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Miltus Tidglow on the Olympics: “Jamaicans want to destroy me”

Miltus Tidglow on the Olympics: “Jamaicans want to destroy me”

Miltos Tidglou revealed that he believes he will definitely be able to get a medal at the 2024 Olympic Games.

“Belief in my gold medal that day of the final. I will definitely be in the medals in Paris. But you can never be sure of first place,” Miltos Tedoglou told ERT.

He noted, “In 2021, in the final of the Olympic Games, I was telling myself that to win we needed one jump, 8.25 metres. It would be ridiculous not to succeed.”

Regarding his opponents’ thirst to defeat him, he said, “Everyone has the thirst. The Jamaicans in particular want to tear me apart this year, because last year the Jamaican was always first in every race, and I went to the last effort and beat them. I think they will eat me, and it is embarrassing to lose.” On the last try.”

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“I also want to set a great record at these Games. My dream is to jump 8.75 metres.” complete.

“I did not go to win the Olympics. I was also watching my opponents who were very good and I was aiming for the medal,” the Olympian said, among other things.

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