November 30, 2023

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Ministry of Education – Emergency: Circular for teacher evaluation

Ministry of Education – Emergency: Circular for teacher evaluation

Evaluation: By November 20, the first teaching observation process – as provided for new hires – must begin

New instructions for Evaluation process for teachers and EEP-EBP members For the academic year 2023-2024, today GG Mr. Ministry of EducationI’m Katsaros.

He also says that by November 20, 2023, the process of monitoring the first teaching of teachers was supposed to begin, while stating that failure to participate in the process constitutes a special disciplinary violation.This is punishable by disciplinary penalties

In the circular, the Ministry of Education also insists on the evaluation of probationary teachers before their permanent appointment, which has already sparked strong reactions and legal challenges from the newly appointed.


a. During the implementation of the evaluation process for teachers and members of the Special Scientific Staff (SSP) – Special Support Staff (SSP) Probationary teachers and EEP–EBP members are evaluated in order of priority

1. Those who have already completed two years of service Since their appointment and have been working in a school unit and have not completed Field A/A1

secondly. Who have completed the first two years of service from the date of their appointment And work in a school unit and third. Other teachers and EEP – EBP members.

Once you have completed the evaluation process for all areas with a score of ‘Excellent’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Satisfactory’, Hence, people will be placed on permanent probation retroactively from the time they complete the two years.

B. The procedure is set to be executed A special digital application – the platform, in accordance with the provisions of No. 81 of Law 4823/2021 (Α΄ 136) and the relevant joint ministerial decision 12980/Ε3/3.2.2023 (Β΄ 602).

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C. Evaluation process related to Field A Specifically: (1) for teachers in the field A1) general and special teaching of subject knowledge by the specialist education consultant, (2) for members of the EEP for school units in the field A1) special supportive and pedagogical work, through the educational consultant of scientific responsibility of the EEP, (3) ) For EBP members of school units in the field a) Support for the work of the EBP member, by the Special Education and Integrative Education Consultant.

Dr.. In accordance with Law No. 4823/2021 (Α΄ 136) and Joint Ministerial Decision No. 9950/GD5/27.1.2023 (Β΄ 388), the assessment of the A/A1 area is carried out based on: a) preparation of discussions and observation of teaching by each assessor, b) ) Observation of two (2) teachings by each resident for classroom teachers and observation of two (2) individual or small group support programs by each resident for EEP members. and EVP c) Self-assessment report and data or evidence referred to or referred to by the assessor, d) Discussions and reflection after observation and e) Evidence collected by the assessor taking into account the evidence collected by the assessee-mentor on the special digital platform – the app.

for this reason:

1. The relevant education director is invited to complete The process of developing tables with pairs that were rated by ratersTo publish it on the special digital application and inform residents and residents accordingly. It should be noted that pairwise tables must be updated immediately whenever necessary, that is, they must be published again each time the evaluator and/or assessee changes (e.g., if a teacher is transferred to another educational department).

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2. Appraisers must, no later than discussing the preparation with their appraiser, register in the special digital application what is mentioned in Article 9 of the Joint Ministerial Decision under clauses 9950/GD5/27.1.2023 (Β΄388).

3. The Educational Consultant, as Assessor, must by 10/11/2023 commence and initiate the procedure of Paragraph 4 of Article 11 of the CYA mentioned above. So that on 11/20/2023, the process of monitoring the first teaching of teachers in his area of ​​responsibility begins.

Disciplinary violation

The circular states again that according to Article 56 of Law 4823/2021 (Α΄136), Participation in evaluation procedures for both raters and evaluators is the fulfillment of a solemn duty and obligation. The omission of an education executive, teacher or member of the EEP and EVP to participate in, facilitate or carry out the exercise of authority simply imposed or provided for by law or at any stage of the evaluation process of an educational executive, teacher or member of the EEP and EVP constitutes a special disciplinary offence.which is punishable by the disciplinary penalties stipulated in Article 109 of the Civil Status Law for Public Political Officials and Administrative Servants npdd (No. 3528/2007, A΄ 26), not less than a fine equivalent to one month’s wages.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in the event of non-compliance with the above obligation, suspension of any development process of the educational executive, teacher or EEP member may be imposed. and EVP, including automatic salary progression. In particular, for training executives who refuse to participate in the evaluation process at any stage or obstruct it with their public attitude, the executive will be replaced and excluded from the selection process for any job executive position. The next eight (8) years.

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