October 4, 2023

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More floods and evacuations as rivers burst due to heavy rains

More floods and evacuations as rivers burst due to heavy rains

Bad weather “Hans” shows its “teeth” in Norway with torrential rains causing rivers to overflow than any record level in past decades.

Because of this overflow, Norway is once again facing floods and new evacuations.

More than 4,000 people have been forced from their homes In southern Norway, according to local authorities. About half of them were based in Henefos, which is about 40 kilometers northwest of Oslo.

Strong winds, torrential rains and landslides hit the country at the beginning of the week, resulting in a landslide To cut off electricity in many areas and paralyze public transportation.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a hydroelectric dam collapsed into a river, and on Monday a train derailed in neighboring Sweden when a dam was washed away by flood waters.

Many roads remain closed and train services have been canceled in much of southern Norway today. The authorities warned that: Although the rain has stopped, more flooding is not out of the question, because the water flows towards the coastal areas, at a lower altitude. “Flooding is likely to be a problem for another two to three days,” said Ingeveld Villa, a meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (NMI).

And the National Media Institute stated that, unlike most of the bad weather that hits Norway, coming from the west, this weather arrived from the east, when two low barometric pressures came together and intensified as they approached Scandinavia.

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According to the institute, the evidence shows that Precipitation has increased by about 18% over the past century The largest increase has been recorded in the past 30 to 40 years.

Extreme weather events such as Heavy rains this week will become more frequent as the planet gets warmer.

“Global warming is warming the atmosphere, and a warmer atmosphere can move more water, so that’s why there is this strong relationship between a warmer climate and more precipitation,” said Shillman, who co-authored the UN expert panel’s reports.