April 24, 2024

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Moscow: Secrets found in terrorist weapons in reference to Ukraine

Moscow: Secrets found in terrorist weapons in reference to Ukraine

In the case of the terrorist attack in Moscow there was a complication. The Freedom of Russia Corps is a group made up of – unconfirmed – Russian prisoners of war and dissidents. It operates on the Ukrainian-Russian border, but also conducts operations deep inside the Russian border. In most cases of sabotage against the army or logistics departments.

There are still questions about the existence of the all-Russian legion. It is considered a “terrorist organization” inside Russia, while it appears in the organizational chart of the Ukrainian army as part of its forces.

In fact, the Ukrainian army also issued a circular, so that Russians who were caught by forming the letter L with their hands could join the legion. But the problem lies in how the Corps is linked to the terrorists of the Islamic State of Khorasan.

With this leaflet, the Ukrainians targeted Russian dissidents who were forced to join the Legion after their arrest.

What rescuers and prosecutors discovered

According to Multiple sources and agenciesFor the first time at the scene of the attack, employees of the Ministry of Emergencies cooperated with the SOBR of the Russian special forces (SS group against the mafia and other high-profile targets), since from the beginning of the invasion of the building there was a possibility that some criminals remained inside.

“The special services officers ordered the rescuers to collect all the found phones, as the special services had information that one of the criminals had lost his mobile phone. The information was confirmed: the terrorist’s smartphone was found,” the newspaper noted. Baza channel.

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The key to the case is that the channel's reports and Russian media broadcast that “during their work, rescuers found a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Its handle was painted in the tricolor and had a controversial inscription “For the Freedom of Russia,” the channel's editors reported, and it is reported with reservations because Except for the Kalashnikov with the fluorescent paint on the side depicted, the Kalashnikov with the white, blue and white flag of Russian dissidents and the controversial logo did not fit into our imagination.

Mobile phones for terrorists

During the inspection of the building, enforcement agencies concluded that the criminals deliberately set fire to the evacuation exits so that people could not exit Crocus City Hall. According to the source, mountains of victims are located next to the emergency doors.

He added: “During the inspection of the building, operational services officers concluded that the criminals did not set fire to the building randomly, but rather chose points close to evacuation exits.”

Legion flag from late 2023.

information management

However, this claim is not accepted in its entirety as fact, but for now as the “Russian narrative.” At least until proof of this claim is presented or other credible evidence emerges. These do not include confessions extracted through coercion or torture.

The finding of weapons by a Ukrainian group has plausible elements, as the perpetrators did not all come from the same areas and the weapons had to be found centrally. The Russian position indicates that 7 of the eleven detainees belong to this group that worked to support the executioners of the Islamic State of Khorasan and was responsible for the terrorist attack in Moscow.

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But since there is no photo or video of the engraved weapon immediately available, at the moment it is found, the information is conveyed as the “Russian position,” but its authenticity is not accepted.

Flag of Russian dissidents and the emblem of the Freedom Corps of Russia, or LSR.