June 25, 2024

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My grandmother’s reaction when she learned the sex of her granddaughter’s baby (video)

My grandmother’s reaction when she learned the sex of her granddaughter’s baby (video)

A video clip depicting a grandmother's sadness when she learned the gender of her grandson was widely circulated.

In an unexpected development during the baby's gender reveal party, 83-year-old Elena Diaz, Daniela Flores' grandmother, went viral with her dramatic reaction to her grandson's gender announcement. The party, which was supposed to be a joyful celebration, took an unexpected turn when Diaz, who was initially excited about her granddaughter's pregnancy, walked out when she found out the baby would be… child.

The incident went viral Tik Tok, unfolded as guests anxiously awaited the gender reveal. Amid the excitement of the crowd, a blue mist from a smoke cannon announced the arrival of someone child. The moment was met with mixed reactions, as Diaz, who appeared clearly annoyed, frowned, raised her hands in frustration, and retreated to the bench.

Daniela Florez, 26, from Miami, Florida, shared information about her grandmother's reaction, which she described as a brief outburst of anger. Florez, Diaz's first grandchild, had previously promised to name her daughter after her. The baby's due date coinciding with Diaz's birthday heightened the great-grandmother's expectations, making her reaction even more poignant.

Diaz, known for her strong personality, was particularly excited about the prospect of having another granddaughter. She even prepared a sentimental gesture, planning to hand over a necklace with her name on it to the waiting girl. The revelation greatly disappointed her.

This unusual incident highlights the unexpected emotions that can arise at family celebrations. Flores confirms that the promise to name her future daughter after her grandmother is still a possibility, embodying the lasting bond between them.

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