April 17, 2024

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Mysterious rumble recorded in the stratosphere – a strange recording

Mysterious rumble recorded in the stratosphere – a strange recording

huge Solar balloons It was sent to a distance of 2.1 km from its surface Land to record sounds from stratosphere. And microphones They recorded some of them… Unexplained sounds.

The stratosphere is its second layer atmospheres And at the lowest level there is ozone, which absorbs and disperses it UV from the sun.

Nader f Dry air The stratosphere, where the weather balloons arrive, is a calm and rarely disturbed layer of atmosphere.

the Daniel BowmanSenior researcher at Sandia National Laboratories In New Mexico, he was inspired to explore the sounds of the stratosphere when he experienced the low-frequency sounds they produced volcano.

It comes to them without soundwhich the human ear cannot hear.

Bowman and his friends had previously sent out weather balloons with cameras to “take pictures of the dark sky, with the Earth below,” and succeeded in building their own Solar Meteorology balloons.

The researcher suggested that placed on balloons tape recordings without sound to record the sounds of volcanoes.

But then he and his advisor, Jonathan Lees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, realized, “No one had put microphones on balloons in the stratosphere for a while.” half a centuryAs Bowman himself said.

Balloons can carry microphones twice the height of commercial airliners.

Bowman, speaking via email to CNNHe said their balloons recorded sounds from the surface of the sea and chemicals ExplosionsAnd Lightning, the conflict Waves, planes, city sounds, missile launches, earthquakes, fighters, or even trains.

“We also recorded sounds whose source was not clear,” he said.

The researcher shared his findings Thursday at the 184th meeting of the American Vocal Society in Chicago.

One of the recordings, which Bowman shared with colleagues, comes from a hot air balloon NASA that made its rounds South Polecontained echoes of crashing waves that seemed to sigh.

The view from a balloon / Guide Star Engineering LLC / Sandia National Laboratories

However, the other sounds are not specified.

“In the stratosphere there are some mysterious infrasound signals, which occur several times an hour on some flights, but their origin is not entirely known,” Bowman said.

int f collaborators to They use NASA and other agencies balloon to meet the needs of their studies, but they decide to build their own balloons as well.

the Construction cost Extremely low, approx 50 dollarand the team can be ready in 3.5 hours.

Deciphering mysterious sounds

Bowman explained that many sounds were recorded during balloon flights, and it is not known where they came from. We understand.

Maybe it has something to do with it terrible stormOr a train or something similarly boring – but it’s hard to know what’s going on there because there isn’t enough data.

Sarah Albert, geophysicist at Sandia National Laboratorieslooking at the “acoustic channel” – a “channel” that transmits sounds over long distances through the atmosphere.

Bowman with Albert/Randy Montoya/Sandia National Laboratories

He recorded the sound Rocket launch And other unfamiliar sounds.

It’s probably about something A sound that is stuck in the canal but continues to be heard until it is completely distorted,” Bowman says.

the Bowman and the Albert He will continue to investigate these sounds to understand where these strange sounds come from in the stratosphere and why they are not recorded on every flight however sometimes.

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