May 18, 2024

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Mystery Surrounds Death Of Polish Banker’s Mistress – Real Estate Trial And Accusations Of Being A Call Girl – Newsbomb – News

Mystery Surrounds Death Of Polish Banker’s Mistress – Real Estate Trial And Accusations Of Being A Call Girl – Newsbomb – News

Police found the 44-year-old’s body in the flat where she lived in Clapham, London. His millionaire brother has accused him of “eating” his fortune.

She was found dead in a flat in London Polish mistress to Goldman Sachs millionaire Danny Troell. The 44-year-old Paul had been accused that during her relationship with Troell she “ate” 4 million pounds from him, while since 2019 when Troell died he had been at odds with his brother.

the Magdalena Zalinska She was a mother of two, a former nightclub owner in London who was the one Troel took care Until the last moment. Yes, In his will he left her one million pounds They transferred to her the right to continue living in their common home.

Police found the body of the 44-year-old in the flat where she lived in Clapham, London, after breaking down the door following a call from worried neighbours. However, the case took an ambiguous turn The police treat her death as unexpected. However, he has not yet been treated as a suspect, as confirmed by the police to the Daily Mail.

Danny Troell’s Polish Mistressdaily Mail

she is told He had a problem with alcohol, while this appears to have worsened after Troel’s death. Magdalena’s ex-husband, Wojciech Zalinski, confirmed her death to the Daily Mail, denying allegations that his ex-wife was a call girl.

Who was Danny Troell?

the Danny Troell He was first a multi-millionaire banker at Goldman Sachs and then CEO of the largest charitable trust in Great Britain. He passed away in 2019 After a long illness, at the age of only 55.

He earned more than £3 million a year and Property him, upon his death, amounted to 18 million pounds. Truel was diagnosed in 2012 with multiple sclerosis which later became a form of motor neuron disease.

During his long illness, Danny Troell was addicted to alcohol, as was his Polish mistress.

Millionaire Danny Troelldaily Mail

the Danny’s 61-year-old brother, Eddie Troell;who also works as a financial advisor in the City of London, claimed that although Magdalena had a sexual relationship with his brother, she had been his carer since 2012 and was not living with him.

Zalenska denied the allegation and insisted they had a “romantic and passionate relationship” for 14 years.

In his will he left the bulk of his £14m estate to a charitable trust, but £4m is now in the middle of a bitter dispute between his brother Eddie Troell and his Polish mistress Magdalena Zalinska in the High Court.

Trial and accusations that Poland “ate” Troel’s money

In the supreme courtJudge Michael Green said Troell had considerable personal wealth but lived an “apparently frugal lifestyle”, did not drive, had expensive hobbies or took many expensive vacations and lived in a sparsely furnished semi-basement.

However, his brother felt that much of his wealth had gone to Poland. the The infamous 4 million They reportedly went to a company through which she ran a nightclub in London between 2013 and 2018, and among them is £1m he left her in his will.

According to the court, Magdalena Zalinska had waived some of the defendant’s claims of exorbitant costsSome of it was carried out “recklessly” and in her favour, but it was not a deliberate attempt to erase her assets before trial in the £4m suit against her.

However, with her death the case froze. He was due to appear before the Supreme Court next year after several lengthy hearings so far in which lawyers representing Eddie Trowell and John Hatchard questioned what they described as the “quality” of Zalenska’s “strange” relationship with Danny.

So, for Eddie Trowell The issue of what happened to his brother’s money will remain a mysterywhile he will not take part of his property.

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