July 14, 2024

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Nafpaktia: Fire spreading – Canadair crashes into tree

Nafpaktia: Fire spreading – Canadair crashes into tree

The fire continues to spread in the area Platonite of Nafpaktia It burns in a forest. In the battle to put it out, 55 firefighters and 20 vehicles were deployed in the pedestrian section, while six aircraft and two helicopters were deployed from the air.

At the same time it was sent at 4:23 p.m news from 112 Residents in the area were advised to evacuate.

The message elaborated: “Forest fire in your area. If you are in the area of ​​Ano Platanitis, move towards Nafpaktos”.

After a while, a new message was sent out inviting those inside Harmful And FrenchFollow the instructions of the authorities and proceed towards Antirio.

The fire, Tuesday afternoon, presents a better picture when aerial vehicles continue to operate.

It is closed Ionia StreetFor security reasons.

At the same time, the fire brigade was strengthened at the spot.

Firefighters from Patras and Agios have rushed to the area and a total of 75 people are involved in the extinguishing efforts, with three infantry units, 25 vehicles, 9 aircraft and a helicopter occasionally operating from the air.

A near miss

In a video posted by a citizen, the plane trying to put out the fire can be seen crashing into a pine tree, causing the tree’s branches to break.

Fortunately for the pilot, the collision was not severe and his aircraft was not damaged.

There was strong wind in the area

“The front of the Platanitis fire, located between Antirrio and Nafpaktos, is very strong, while the ground and air forces of the fire department continue to operate throughout its area to contain it”The mayor of Nafpaktia, Vassilis Gizas, spoke to APE-MPE.

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As he further stated, “Unfortunately the winds are strong in the area, while all communities surrounding the fire have been evacuated as a precaution”.

Also, the mayor said:Firefighters have intervened to save lives, at least so far, without endangering homes,” he said, adding, “According to the information I have received, there has been extensive damage to agricultural land.”

Active Front also in Vonitsa

The fire continues to spread in the area Balibello of Vonitsa.

According to the fire department, the fire is burning in a sparsely vegetated area and 15 firefighters with 6 vehicles are trying to douse it, while two aircraft are spraying water.