July 14, 2024

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New Apple exclusive Tom Hanks is a test game for Apple Arcade

New Apple exclusive Tom Hanks is a test game for Apple Arcade

Hanx101 Triviaa trivia game narrated by actor Tom Hanks, will soon become one of the games available exclusively on the Apple Arcade subscription service (Across diverse). Despite the name, it’s not a game meant to question you about Hanks’ career – Press release from the game developerBlueline Studios says it will contain “tens of thousands of questions” on topics such as history, math, geography and food. (I hope the later group contains at least one question about a box of chocolates.)

The game will feature a head-to-head competition mode, a team mode, and a “Hanx101” mode where you’re apparently trying to get a high score while answering 101 questions. There will also apparently be “unique formats like ‘Word Jam’ and ‘I Spy,’ although marketing materials for the game seem to leave what it will look like as an open question. The game is slated to launch on Friday 2nd September.”

I swear this is actually one of the screenshots out there The game’s Apple Arcade page.
Photo: Plulin Studios

I’ll be honest, this seems like a very strange project to me. First of all, there is the name; bluelin Official Website Specifically for game patterns Hanx101 Trivia With no space between Hanx and 101, while the Apple Arcade menu has space. Second, it’s marketed as “a way for Tom to share his love and passion for trivia with his fans, casual gamers, trivia fans, and you.” I had no idea he was such a petty villain.

Not that being weird is a bad thing. Like I said before, I’ll totally give it a try. And it’s good to see Apple experiment with the kinds of projects coming to Arcade. Only in the past few months, the service has been acquired cooking mama And the Frogger Toysalong with sequel to Jetpack Joyridea Kart racing game featuring Hank HillAnd a notorious port goat simulator.

Hanks is no stranger to creating content for Apple services; is the stars in pulsate And the Greyhoundtwo movies that premiered on Apple TV Plus.

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