June 19, 2024

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New discoveries about Johnny Depp: It was fear and terror on the set

New discoveries about Johnny Depp: It was fear and terror on the set

Johnny Depp is “in another world,” says the director of his latest film

Director of his latest film Johnny Depp Claims that the crew members They were “afraid” of the actor, But she did not regret giving him a role in the film.

We remind you that last month, Lola Glaudini co-starred with him in the movie “Blow,” The star was accused of verbal abuse They claim that when they cut a scene in which she was asked to laugh at one of Depp's statements, he walked up to her and “put his finger in her face” saying: “Who do you think you are? Shut your @@@@@@ mouth.”

At the time, Depp's reps responded to the actress' claims, telling Variety: “Johnny always prioritizes a good working relationship with the cast and crew, and that description is very different from what other members of the group remember at the time.”

Depp's version of events was also confirmed by Blow's sound engineer Samuel Sarkar.

Now, director Maïwenn – full name Maïwenn Aurélia Nedjma Le Besco – who worked with the actor on his latest film “Jeanne Du Barry”, talks about their collaboration and reveals various details.

She told The Independent: “Johnny came up with a new version of the script and I wasn't happy with it. It didn't work… so I shot the film without making the changes he wanted… which he took as an insult.”

As Maywin points out, she tried to see these disagreements as an “opportunity” to fuel some emotion in a particularly dark scene in the film.

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However, he claims that there were times Depp will not appear on set We expect that They will treat him like an idol “All the time”.

“I have to be honest,” Maywin adds. It's hard to shoot with himThe entire crew was afraid of him Because he has a different kind of humor and we didn't know if he was going to be on time or if it would be appropriate for him to say his lines… I mean, even if he was there on set, on time, the crew was afraid of him.”

Despite having a good relationship before the film, Maywen revealed that “there has been no relationship since filming.”

“Johnny to me is a great genius, however He's in another world. I can't contact him,” he said specifically. Despite all that, he adds that he does not regret choosing this role.

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