April 24, 2024

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New evidence of mysterious signals from deep space – what NASA scientists have discovered

New evidence of mysterious signals from deep space – what NASA scientists have discovered

NASA is reportedly close to revealing the cause of a mysterious explosion of radio waves originating in deep space, according to new research.

These rapid bursts of radio waves can release as much energy in a fraction of a second as our Sun does in an entire year, puzzling scientists about what causes these explosions.

Two NASA X-ray telescopes have tracked a fast radio burst in our galaxy in real timemonitoring the minutes before and after the event in 2022, according to A New publication in Nature magazine. Their findings may provide more clues about what causes fast radio bursts.

“We have undoubtedly observed something important for understanding fast radio bursts.” Study author George Yunus, a researcher at Goddard and a member of the NICER science team, said in a NASA announcement.

Where did the radio explosion come from?

The energy blast came from the magnetar, It is a rare type of neutron star. Neutron stars are the extremely dense core left behind after a massive supernova explosion, however Magnastras are special species with incredibly strong magnetic fieldsBillions of times stronger than those in typical neutron stars and trillions of times stronger than the Earth's magnetic field. About 30 such magnetars have been discovered so far.

The fast radio burst described in the post came from a magnastro, called SGR 1935+2154. It is 12 miles in diameter, and is about 30,000 light-years away from Earth. In 2020, it was actually discovered emitting a fast radio burst. 2020 was a blast This is the first time that a fast radio burst has been observed in our galaxyAll previous observations were made in other galaxies, which are too far away for astronomers to know their source.

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What did scientists find?

Now, a new job Reveals more about how magnastro SGR 1935+2154 unleashes these fast radio bursts. Researchers observed the explosion using NASA's Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) on the International Space Station and the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array. Then they described What happened to the surface of the Magnastro and its immediate surroundings before and after the explosion.

A fast radio burst has been observed between “Two errors”, that is, when the magnastro suddenly started to spin faster. The Magnastro typically rotates about 3.2 times per second, and rotates at about 7,000 miles per hour, meaning that any increase or decrease in its speed requires an enormous amount of energy. Surprisingly, among mistakesslowed to its original speed in just nine hours – 100 times faster than what had been previously observed at Magnastro.

“Typically, when errors occur, it takes weeks or months for the magnastro to return to its normal speed.”said astrophysicist at National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan and co-author of the study, Chen-Ping Hu. “So it's clear that things are happening with these objects on much shorter time scales than previously thought, and this may be related to how quickly the radio bursts are generated.”.

Moreover, they found it Before fast radio explodes in 2022the Magnastro began emitting powerful x-rays and gamma rays.

All X-ray bursts that occurred before this glitch, in principle, had enough energy to produce a fast radio burst, but they did not.said Zorawar Wadiasinghe, a researcher at the University of Maryland, College Park and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and co-author of the study. ““So it appears that something changed during the slowdown, creating the right set of conditions.”

the Scientists still don't know exactly what caused the fast radio burstBut they think the pimp's structure may play a role. The outside of the body is solid and the inside is crushed into a superfluid material under intense gravitational pressures.

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As with spraying water into a bowl, if the two are not synchronized as they rotate, huge amounts of energy can strike the outer side, causing a fault, and can even crack the surface, causing a rapid deceleration as the liquid flows outward. .

Despite this new discovery. They still didn't really know what caused the speed radio to explode. I think we still need more data to complete the puzzle.Yunus pointed out.