July 23, 2024

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NEW PHILADELPHIA: EDE to burn for fiasco with Croatian thugs

NEW PHILADELPHIA: EDE to burn for fiasco with Croatian thugs

Almost two months after the bloody events in New Philadelphia that led to the murder of Michalis Katsouris, the decision of the EDE ordered for service deficiencies and failures of EL.AS has yet to be delivered.

According to a press investigation, the Greek authorities were notified at the time of the origin of Dinamo Zagreb’s far-right fans, however, they did not cross the border and arrived halfway across the country. Armed with knives and machetes, terror spread through the area at the AEK stadium.

Responsibilities for the fiasco in New Philadelphia, as pointed out by the publications (including an internal document released by Vassilis Lambropoulos), seem to involve leading officials – who knew about the Croats – being controlled and removed. from their position as long as the EDE lasts.

Leadership in Structure of Responsibilities

This emerges from the Kathimerini report citing in their memos what officers were subject to disciplinary control in the context of the EDE report. According to the release, the authorities went on a counter-attack and “nailed” the leadership of EL.AS. About failure.

Headquarters of EL.AS. knew the danger of the match before 25th July (bloody incidents took place on the night of 7th August)

Among those invited to the briefing were Asterios Matziokas, head of the General Police Directorate of Attica (GADA), his assistants Dimitris Davalos and Vassilis Kalambokis, Mattheos Giannoulis, head of the General Police Directorate of Headquarters, and Commander. Deputy Directorate for Combating Violence in Sports Fields (Yavaa) Kostas Christologlou.

Apart from GADArchis, the rest have been removed from their posts, at least until the disciplinary proceedings against them are over.

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According to the publication, some authorities put the leader of EL.AS in the frame of responsibility. Lazaros Mavropoulos, Inspector General of Southern Greece Nikos Spanoudakis and Secretary General of Public Order Manolis Logothetis.

Clues remain to the role of Lt. Gen. Lefteris Karila, who implemented the EDE.

In particular, according to the report, the content of the memorandum submitted to the EDE by the president of GADA, Asterios Matziokas, reveals.

EL.AS HQ was informed on time.

It says the headquarters of EL.AS. The danger of the match was known before July 25 (bloody incidents took place on the night of August 7), and on August 4 the country’s leadership was informed in writing that it was coming to the country. 200 Dinamo Zagreb fans. In fact, the head of EL.AS, the deputy head of the corps, but he refers to the recipient of the document, which includes the person conducting the EDE, he raised the issue of exception.

Mr. Matziokas also notes that the only directive from headquarters to existing directorates, including GADA, is that information on the movements of Croats “must be taken into account when planning imposed operations,” which has not changed with the announcement. On the morning of August 7, the Montenegrin Interpol announced the origin of the Croats, as well as issued a formal, general order in this case.

I was never instructed

1st GADA Assistant, Dimitris Davalos, also talks about the lack of orders. “I was never ordered to stop Croatian vehicles. I was never ordered to reinforce the Elefsina tollgates with police forces,” he noted in his memo. He is his immediate superior Mr. puts a stock on Maciokas, noting that “based on the information he received, he was convinced that the Croats’ destination was the Panathinaikos stadium.”

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The second GADA adjutant, Brigadier General Vasilis Kalambokis, writes in his own memo that the forces assigned to the Elefsina checkpoint were reinforced by his own efforts with two OPKE groups to stop the convoy with the Croats.

Several hours later, with no information on the movements of the Dinamo Zagreb hooligans, Mr. With Davalos’ “encouragement”, he decided to take them back. “The order was given by the Centre. If they don’t agree, my order can be withdrawn,” he said.

Call for rally

Kostas Christologlou, former head of the Directorate responsible for combating sports violence, lists in detail the actions of his service in view of the arrival of the Croatian Bad Blue Boys. Operational Planning and General Coordination of the Forces of the Greek Police”.

However, he had previously indicated through his memorandum that he had informed the Deputy Commander of the Attica Defense Division about the entry of the Croats. He underlined that the AEK fans had learned about the possible arrival of the Croatians and called a meeting outside the “OPAP Arena” where he was able to get the information with his service.

Finally, the deputy commander of the Corinth Police Department asks why EL.AS services, saying that the badge of headquarters came to his service the day after the bloody incidents. As the Schengen Borders Code presents threats to public order, Croatians are not barred from entering before they cross the border station of Kakavia.

Cross-accusations and suits within EL.AS.

Climate inside EL.AS. It looks explosive after the events in New Philadelphia. According to Kathimerini, the leader of ELAS accused him of dereliction of duty, in particularly harsh terms.

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He is Mattheos Giannoulis, who worked in the General Police Directorate of Headquarters and is under disciplinary control for improper performance of his duties within the EDE.

On September 4, he filed a lawsuit against the head of the Hellenic police, the chief of staff and the operator of the EDE, and the inspector general of southern Greece.

He alleges, among other things, breach of duty and concealment of exceptional cause.

Informed by him of the movements of Croatian hooligans, they filed disputed information sheets and absolved them of their responsibilities, they ordered an EDE, serial no. Leftys Garillas in the 3rd. to be carried out. Actually, Mr. According to Giannoulis, Mr Karilas was responsible for what happened on August 7.


The President of ELAS and through his authority, the General Secretary of Public Order, Manolis Logothetis, rejected the exemption request for specific reasons, but this allowed the Director of Police, Mr.

This time he Mr. For not excluding Karila, Mr. He also turned his fire against Logothetis. “He is a doctor and has no knowledge of law,” he said to Mr. mentions in his report on Logothetes.