July 14, 2024

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New Philadelphia: Mega-documentary from the moment of the Croatian hooligan attack

New Philadelphia: Mega-documentary from the moment of the Croatian hooligan attack

The video shows unsuspecting people in the area running for their lives.

A shocking new video document has come to light from the moment of the murderous attack by Dinamo Zagreb thugs in New Philadelphia.

The video, published by MEGA’s flagship news bulletin, shows the moment when the Croatia team’s hooligans, like an assault battalion, attack unsuspecting people outside the AEK stadium shortly before 29-year-old Michalis falls to his death.

The video in question, captured by a security camera at 23.08 on Monday night, shows a crowd of AEK fans running in panic to escape the wrath of Croatian thugs who beat anyone in front of them.

Many of the thugs chase the crowd, brandishing guns. Minutes after these horrifying images, 29-year-old Michalis Katsoris dropped dead.

This material and other evidence is being collected and analyzed by authorities with the aim of identifying the perpetrators of both the murder of the 29-year-old and the injuries to bystanders.

Watch the horrifying video…

Disclosing reports of murderous attacks

The attitude of the police at the critical time of the attack and the behavior of the accused are also revealing.

All of these, included in the case file that formed the basis of the criminal investigation against 105 people arrested for the bloody brawl in New Philadelphia, directly refer to an assault battalion.

“Following the order of the Security Center, on 7/8/2023 at approximately 22:45 hours, we moved from Alexandras and Patition towards ISAP “PEFKAKIA” together with the D-4 supervisor of the operation group to find about 120 people. Dressed in black, moving in groups, Holding guns in their hands, probably fans,” says a special constable, talking about the fateful night.

“We moved parallel on Papanastasiou Street, making visual contact with the individuals, and entered the crowd on Lykorko Street. The individuals then descended onto Marathonos Street, and at the intersection of Marathonos and Sevastez Streets we entered behind the individuals and followed them for 50 meters,” he added.

“Then people went to Lefkis Street, while we, following the order of the Ministry of Defense, from the scene, gave a picture and waited for reinforcements. These people moved towards Patriarch Konstantinou, people interacted with fans of the opposing team…. During the fight and at 23.15 , ACTION 30 came in for reinforcement. Then, on orders from the Security Centre, we moved with the people who started dispersing in different directions,” concluded the Special Constable.

“They hit us with bottles and stones”

The testimonies of victims and eyewitnesses are also shocking.

“Yesterday 7/8/2023 and at about 21.50 I went to drink beer outside the AEK stadium in New Philadelphia. At 23.00, I was sitting there when I suddenly heard a firecracker and saw about 200 people dressed in black running towards me. “One person hit me on the head with a bottle, and then several people started hitting me with their hands. When they left, I went to the hospital. The doctors said I had a hematoma on my head, so I would have to stay for 72 hours,” says an eyewitness to the events in New Philadelphia.

“I went to the OPAP ARENA stadium in Philadelphia to get a season ticket from an acquaintance, because I was out of Greece the previous days. I arrived at the stadium at 19.30 and sat in the beer hall nearby until 23.00. At that time, even when I left the place, I heard people shouting, not understanding what was happening. asked. Suddenly, without looking where, a stone fell on my head. I was so stunned by the impact that I could not move from the place. After a few seconds, I saw people running towards me and hitting me as they passed by,” described another person injured in the bloody conflict. .

“At 11:00pm, my friend and my minor son went to the stadium to find my friend and get the tickets he had found for me. At around 23.30 we arrived and stopped at the intersection of Dikelia and Fogon Streets. I got out of the car and, unaware of me, several people attacked me with wooden sticks they had in their hands. They started hitting me with sticks, I saw their faces covered with helmets and hoods. Fortunately, my son was picked up by my friend and taken home, untouched, the injured man who was on the field with his son was shocked.

“I had gone to the restaurant with three other friends. I had traveled to New Philadelphia in my car. I had parked it in the parking lot next to the officials’ stand. We had to leave the restaurant at 23.15 as they were told that Croatian fans of Dinamo Zagreb were approaching the place with the intention of causing trouble. One of the hotel staff informed us. We immediately got up and went to our cars to leave the scene. When I turned around, I saw a mob heading towards us and I saw a person in front holding a pitchfork approaching. There were people beating AEK fans and others running in different directions, I I stopped the vehicle, and after the driver let me in, we left the scene together and drove to Nea Ionia. An hour and a half later, after I spoke with immediate action, he returned to the scene and found my car with severe material damage,” said the bloodbath in New Philadelphia. Another eyewitness recounts the events.

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