June 21, 2024

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NEW PHILADELPHIA: Two knives “lead” to Michalis’ killer – what EL.AS is looking for.

NEW PHILADELPHIA: Two knives “lead” to Michalis’ killer – what EL.AS is looking for.

Four key points from the cameras that entered the authorities’ microscope.

Police investigations are in full swing to identify the killer of Michalis Katsoris, who died during a bloody fight in New Philadelphia on Monday night (7/8).

The police investigation continues at a fast pace to quickly identify the man who stabbed Michalis Katsouris to death. Authorities are hoping to identify the culprit in evidence from around 60 items seized and collected around the perimeter of the AEK stadium, in order to match them to the people who possessed them.

In fact, authorities estimate that 29-year-old Michalis’ DNA could be found on two folding knives found and confiscated.

One of the arrested is of Albanian origin and the second is a 23-year-old Croatian. It is hoped that a DNA sample of the 29-year-old may be recovered from them, which could lead to the identification of his killer.

Authorities’ investigations are focusing on the two knives because DNA samples from the 29-year-old’s clothes or his fingernails are too difficult to identify with those arrested.

Foreign DNA has been found on the 29-year-old’s body and clothes, but that doesn’t mean identifying his killer is an easy task, as there are many people who touched Michalis that night.

Four key points from the cameras

As police editor Vassilis Lambropoulos wrote in “Ta NEA” newspaper on Wednesday, August 16, the data resulted from the inspection of cameras at four key points in Patriarchou Konstantinou, Lefki, Kioutakhia and Papanastasiou streets in New Philadelphia. The murderous attack against Michalis Katsouris has come under the “microscope” of EL.AS. In the race to identify the 29-year-old killer.

However, investigations of EL.AS. The lack of clear video of the moment of the initial mass attack by Dinamo Zagreb fans, throwing flares and Molotov cocktails at the scene of AEK’s unfortunate friend on the pedestrian street of Patriarch Konstantino, presents a series of difficulties. Must have been stabbed.

In other words, the scene of the murderous attack appears to be “blind” to the AEK fan because it was not recorded by the cameras. EL.AS said it was a very difficult case because the videos and photos from the episodes were dark and faces could not be seen clearly, while those arrested did not want to reveal what they knew. Sources say.

For this reason, they “dusted” the mobile phones of Croatians and “hidden” the video of the murder of Michalis Katsoris, shedding light on the investigations.

According to EL.AS sources. Officers reviewing video footage collected by authorities saw the man inflicting the brutal knife attack on 29-year-old Michalis.

According to reports, the accused is tall, strong, while his features are obscured. While there seem to be many people arrested with neck tattoos, the police are focusing on the tattoo this particular man had on his neck.

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