July 14, 2024

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New Renault Clio: in petrol, diesel, LPG and hybrid versions (prices)

New Renault Clio: in petrol, diesel, LPG and hybrid versions (prices)

The small French car is available in a number of engine and equipment versions, with strong points of handling and technology.

Start of distribution in the Greek market Renault Clio renewal Teoren Motors announced. In addition to the renewed exterior appearance and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the passenger compartment, the new Clio is safer and more advanced than ever before.

In its favor is a full range of fuel versions (petrol, LPG, diesel, hybrid), but also promotional programs that make obtaining them accessible to everyone.

Exterior design

The front grille reflects the sporty side and stunning design of the new Clio. The esprit Alpine Edition rides on 17-inch alloy wheels that reflect the Alpine identity: diamond-cut, in black and light grey, with wheel covers in blue or black (depending on body colour), which helps to create a dynamic, upscale and technologically advanced image. For the car. The Clio logo on the back is in dark glossy black.

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The new Clio adopts Renault’s “Nouvelle Vague” design language, while featuring a new lighting signature at the front, inspired by the logo: LED daytime running lights at both ends form the top of the diamond. The slim full LED lighting objects, included in all versions, highlight the precision and expertise of construction, giving even more dynamism to the vehicle’s appearance. At the same time, it is more compact and combines up to five high-tech beams (instead of the previous three), which automatically adjust the light distribution between the headlights and running lights.

The rear bumper has also been completely redesigned: the aerodynamic air ducts at the ends emphasize the width of the car, highlighting the high limits of adhesion of the entire vehicle, while being further evidence of the car’s technological excellence. Modern backlight bodies are now visible, which adds a technological touch as well. The illuminated parts on the edges of the taillights match the aesthetic identity of the headlights.

Feeling in the cabin

The interior is also exclusive to this particular version. The shape of the seats ensures excellent lateral support for the body, while ensuring an optimal level of comfort for passengers. Exposed blue stitching and an Alpine ‘A’ print at the top of the seatback complete the look. On the outer side of the back of the seats a simple sticker can be seen in the colors of the French flag.

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The experience inside the new Clio is now even more sophisticated: the passenger cabin has become more welcoming and more comfortable. As soon as one opens the door, one sees more noble and sustainable materials and immediately realizes the leap that has been made in quality. Space and ergonomics remain the main advantages of the car, providing a unique level of comfort for everyone. All the technology is available to enhance the user experience, and is integrated with a wide range of networked services and applications, helping the driver and passengers to relax and enjoy the journey.

The seats, door panels and dashboard of the Techno version are upholstered in an advanced sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric consisting of 60% TENCEL fibres, a composition of biological cell fibers manufactured by the Lenzing Group. Contributing to Renault’s complete decarbonisation strategy, the new Clio is not only the first car to feature TENCEL Modal fibres. It is also the first time that these sustainable fibers have been used on a large scale in a car interior. Known for its exceptional softness, this fiber is made from natural, renewable wood sourced from sustainably managed semi-natural forests in Europe.

The new Clio esprit Alpine seats are also made from sustainable materials. The steering wheel is designed to reflect the spirit of the Alps: red, white and blue double-stitching, perforated materials and a high-gloss black back with an Ice Black badge in the middle challenge anyone sitting in the driver’s seat to put the drive in. The dashboard also features an embroidered French flag, the front and rear seat belts have the distinctive blue accelerator pedal (except for the center rear), and the aluminum pedals and front door sills are exclusive to this version.

Communication systems

New services and high-level connectivity make the new Clio even easier to use. All versions have a digital instrument panel with a 7- or 10-inch display. The 10-inch screen displays the navigation maps and adjusts their appearance according to the driving program selected by the MULTI-SENSE system setting.

The new Clio is equipped with Renault Easy Link, which provides access to a wide range of applications, including navigation, preventive maintenance and infotainment. Renault Easy Link is now available in two versions that enable wireless connectivity via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Driving assistance systems

The new Clio has 20 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for an easier and safer journey. These systems are divided into three sections: driving, parking and safety.

Basics include Active Driver Assist, a 360-degree view camera, and active emergency braking using sensors to recognize pedestrians and cyclists. This comprehensive package of driver assistance systems ranks the new Clio among the safest cars in its class.

Engine versions

Since its first generation, the Clio has been a model with the most complete range of engines in its class, with options that always meet the needs of its era.
The new Clio has a range of engines using different power sources, including the 145 PS E-Tech full hybrid engine, which benefits from cutting-edge technology. The other options – petrol, diesel and petrol/LPG – cover a wide range of performance so every driver can choose according to their needs.

E-Tech full hybrid 145: more fun, less consumption

Renault has begun installing the E-Tech full hybrid technology engine in its models – including the Clio – from 2020. The full E-Tech hybrid technology includes more than 150 patents, as well as the knowledge Renault has gathered from Formula 1 tracks – especially in The field of energy recovery and renewal. Its parallel architecture combines two electric motors (36 kW motor and 18 kW high-voltage starter generator), with a 69 kW (94 hp) 1.6 liter four-cylinder internal combustion engine, with intelligent multi-clutch (multi-mode) gearbox functions. And a 1.2 kWh battery.

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The car always starts with the electric motor and can drive with it, up to 80% of the time in cities, reducing consumption by up to 40% compared to a conventional gasoline engine.

TCe 100 LPG: Multi-purpose version with low operating costs
The new Clio is also available with a TCe 100 LPG three-cylinder turbo engine, which burns both petrol and LPG, while the LPG propulsion system is installed on the production line. This dual fuel system improves performance while reducing consumption and reducing CO2 emissions (8% less CO2 compared to an equivalent petrol engine). With both tanks full, the car can travel more than 1,000 kilometers in total.

Blue dCi 100: high performance, low consumption
The 100PS and 260Nm diesel engine is ideal for heavy-duty use and corporate fleets, while being combined with a 6-speed gearbox. The new Clio Blue dCi is particularly efficient on motorways and motorways.

The new Clio is out now Ready for delivery and price commitmentWhile Renault customers can get it at a price starting from 158 euros per month, with interest of up to 3,000 euros. The new model is surrounded 5 year manufacturer warrantyFree insurance for 6 months and free roadside assistance for 3 years.

the prices

Clio Evolution TCE 90 20.570€
Clio Evolution Plus TCE 90 €21,420

Dual fuel (petrol – LPG)
Clio Evolution TCe 100 LPG €21,870
Clio Evolution Plus TCe 100 LPG €22,770
Clio Tecno TCe 100 LPG € 23,680

Clio Blue dCi Evolution 100 €23,970
Clio Evolution Plus Blue dCi 100 €24,970

Clio Evolution Ε-Tech full hybrid 145 € 28,670
Clio Plus Ε-Tech Full Hybrid Evolution 145 €29,490
Clio Techno Ε-Tech Full Hybrid 145 € 30,260
Clio esprit Alpine Ε-Tech full hybrid 145 € 32,950

Image credits: Renault