April 24, 2024

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New scenarios for her first official public appearance at Easter Mass

New scenarios for her first official public appearance at Easter Mass

Kate Middleton's first public appearance, two months after it was revealed that she had undergone major abdominal surgery last January, has sparked a new round of coverage in the British press.

Kate Middleton was spotted shopping for fresh produce with her husband, Prince William, at a grocery store near the royal grounds at Windsor, sparking new speculation about when and where she will make her first official public appearance since undergoing a tummy tuck, which will keep her away from home. From her duties until at least April 17.

According to a new report in The Sun, the Princess of Wales could make her first official appearance since her health crisis on Easter Sunday at Easter Mass at St. George's Chapel in Windsor, as is customary every year.

For now, this is a scenario, as there is no update from the palace regarding Kate Middleton's first official public appearance.

However, according to The Sun, customers who saw the Princess of Wales at the grocery store in Windsor said she looked “happy and healthy.”

A customer who saw the couple entering the grocery store told The Sun: “After all the rumours, I was surprised to see them there.”

“She had been out shopping with William and looked happy and healthy.

“The children were not with them, but the fact that she went out shopping is a sign that she is in good health.”

At the same time, other reports indicate that there was severe unrest in the palace after the uproar caused by the controversial edited photo of the Princess of Wales with her children, for which she “apologised”.

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According to the same information, the palace is looking for a way to save what can be saved.

All this while the mystery behind the “disappearance” of Prince William's wife increases, with conspiracy theories spreading.

However, Kate Middleton will not return to royal duties until April 17, when her three children return to school after the Easter break.