February 26, 2024

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New technology will make solar panels 4 times cheaper

New technology will make solar panels 4 times cheaper

Research him University of Michigan They have made a new discovery that could lead to the production of solar panels that will be two to four times cheaper than today's solar panels.

Although perovskite solar cells are more environmentally friendly than their silicon-based counterparts, they have a shorter lifespan due to corrosion caused by heat, humidity and air. To improve their lifespan, researchers focused on identifying molecules that could prevent corrosion. So they found some molecules that, when added to perovskite crystals, prevent the creation of anomalies, enhancing the strength of the material.

The researchers created three additives in different shapes and sizes, each containing similar chemical components. Molecules with a larger mass interact better with perovskite crystals, preventing the formation of defects. They also found that the size and composition of the additives was critical.

Macromolecules were more effective because they caused larger perovskite grains to form during manufacturing, resulting in lower density and grain boundaries, which reduced areas where defects could arise.

This discovery paves the way for cheaper and more durable solar panels, possibly exceeding the maximum theoretical efficiency of current solar cells.

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