July 14, 2024

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New unemployment benefits are coming

New unemployment benefits are coming

As announced by the Minister of Labor and Social Security. Domna Michaelidou-Changes are coming to Unemployment benefitthe main matter regarding the restoration of “great injustice, that is, if one of our citizens works for a year at the minimum wage and another works for twenty years with a salary of 2,000 euros, and if they lose their job, they will receive from the unemployment fund exactly the same bonus,” he stressed.

Therefore, starting next September. Public employment service We will move forward with the pilot application of new unemployment benefits, which operate on a pro rata basis.

As a result, the benefit will increase according to the years of insurance, so that a person who has worked for many years and has contributed significantly to the unemployment insurance system – through the contributions he has paid – will receive more support.

The new support model for the unemployed will provide:

  • Granting a higher amount during the first months of unemployment, which will gradually decrease until it reaches current unemployment benefit levels. Its amount will depend on the current legal minimum wage and can reach 70% of the minimum wage in the first quarter and continue to decrease until the unemployed complete twelve months.
  • Receiving an additional amount for a period of twelve months, the amount of which depends on the insurance history of each beneficiary and the amount of his previous earnings.
  • Absorbing the long-term unemployment benefit (€200) from the unemployment benefit.