July 20, 2024

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New York floods: State of emergency declared – wettest September since 1882

New York floods: State of emergency declared – wettest September since 1882

Subway stations, streets and highways in New York were flooded, and at least one station at LaGuardia Airport was closed briefly on Friday. In video clips circulating on social media, it appears that a waterfall has formed with rainwater inside metro stations.

Nearly 20 centimeters of rain fell in some of the most populated areas of the city in the United States. People were stuck in the water and needed rescue, while no injuries or deaths have been reported so far.

“This is a dangerous, life-threatening storm,” Governor Kathy Hochul said.


“I am declaring a state of emergency across New York, Long Island and the Hudson Valley due to heavy rainfall across the region,” said X, who previously worked at Twitter.

The biggest problems are found in Brooklyn

She advised citizens to take the necessary measures to stay safe and “not try to go out on roads that are flooded with water,” as there are fears that due to the receding rain, many will try to drive while the roads are still full of water.

It rains in New York throughout September, but heavy rains in the past few days have caused flooding. New York has received 14 inches of rain so far this past month, making it the wettest September since 1882, according to the National Weather Service.

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Brooklyn’s biggest problems

The biggest problems are found in Brooklyn. More than 2.5 inches of rain was recorded in one hour at a Brooklyn shipyard.

According to a New York City official, the city’s sewer system is designed to handle only 1.75 inches per hour.

In South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, workers waded through knee-deep water as they tried to unclog a drain, while bits of cardboard and other debris floated up.

The sea lion escaped

A female sea lion briefly escaped from her enclosure at New York’s Central Park Zoo on Friday when heavy rain caused her swimming pool to flood.

The sea lion was able to swim out of the flooded pond and wander around the area before returning to its enclosure, which it shares with two other sea lions.

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“No staff or visitors were at risk and the sea lion remained within the zoo, never breaching the secondary zoo perimeter,” officials said.