July 14, 2024

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Neymar’s heartbreaking messages to his teammates after Brazil’s exit

Neymar’s heartbreaking messages to his teammates after Brazil’s exit

The absolute favorite to win it World Cup 2022 which was held in Qatar BrazilHowever, as of the evening of Friday 9 December, Tete’s men have boarded the return leg after their quarter-final defeat by Croatia on penalties 4-2.

After the match, the disappointment of the Brazilians was enormous, as the players, while inconsolable, broke down in tears. Neymar.

The 30-year-old top scorer of the Brazilian national team (equaling Pele’s record with 77 goals) tried to support his teammates who failed in the penalty shootout against Croatia, Rodrigo and Marquinhos, as well as the team captain. The national team, Thiago Silva, with whom he shares … the drama of the two previous World Cups.

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Neymar published, through his Instagram stories, the private conversations he had with three of his teammates to show the prevailing atmosphere in the team after Croatia was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup.

Conversation with Marquinhos

Neymar: “How are you? I came by to tell you I like you. A penalty kick won’t change what I think of you. I’m with you forever and you know it. I love you”
Marquinios: “What’s the matter bro? I’m getting better slowly, only time will pass for all this. You? How are you? Thanks for the message and thinking of me bro, you’re great too and I wanted everything to work out. It’s very hard to think that penalty was an obstacle In front of your dreams. We must continue, be strong, let time pass and see what football has in store for us.”
Neymar: “This is the way we have to think, to let time pass. I know more than anyone that everything passes, whether good or bad times. Stay strong, enjoy the company of your family and never forget that of being a teammate and me too.” Your friend and I want the best from you. I love you and we will go on together.”
Marquinhos: “This is a real brother, only we know what we went through to get here, what we spent these days there, that’s why it hurts us so much. The burden is great, but the man in heaven knows what he’s doing. If he gives that to me because I can support him and carry on. You Really cool. I like you. Thank you. Let’s be good too. We’ll need each other in the next fights. I love you so much.”

Conversation with Rodrigo
Neymar: Sister, I am here to tell you that you are amazing. I am honored to be part of your career, to hear you say that I am your idol and to see you become one of the best players in the history of Brazil, the only world that misses penalties is the one who takes them, I really missed a lot in my career and I learned from everything, but I never gave up, I always tried to I am better at everything. Like you for who you are, not only as a player but also the good boy, with your heart. Stay strong, these reviews will make you stronger and you will always remember what I told you: “You will end up winning a cup with Brazil.” I wish you international success, shut down these days, rest and come back strong. I am here for whatever you need. We’re in this together.”

Rodrigo: “Thank you, my idol, from the bottom of my heart. I’m sorry for everything and for delaying your dream. I hope you stay with us so we can win together. Of course, that’s what’s best for you. We stay together and thank you for all the love”
Neymar: “Don’t apologize, damn it! Are you crazy? The only people who lose are those who take penalties. You’re a monster. I’ll teach you how to take them later. We stay together. Be careful.”
Rodrigo: “I’m going to need it”

Conversation with Thiago Silva
Neymar: “We have to move on brother, unfortunately that’s the way it is. I really wanted to give you this trophy. You, me and Dani really deserved it. But God has his purpose and knows everything.”

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Thiago Silva: “Brother, it’s harder than I thought at first. I can’t hold on, I can’t believe we lost. I can’t believe it. Every time I think of you, you make me cry. Damn. But I’ll be fine.”
Neymar: “Every time I look on TV I get angry. What a sad moment, damn it”

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