April 13, 2024

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Nicos Plagias for Tempi: “Girls' stuff found after 10 months” – Newsbomb – News

Nicos Plagias for Tempi: “Girls' stuff found after 10 months” – Newsbomb – News

Nikos Plakias lost three women in a train crash Tempo, his two daughters and his daughter-in-law. A year later, anger prevails and he is determined to close the case and make everyone responsible for the deadly tragedy pay.

Nikos Plakias lost his two daughters and daughters-in-law, Krisa, Thomi and Anastasia.. The father and uncle, with sadness and a lot of anger in him, spoke to Newsbomb.gr about the findings of the commission of inquiry and how they will now come to an end and get justice. served

“The result is expected on the first day. The investigation commission decided to start, we saw it as a travesty. We sent a petition signed by 25 families to stop the investigation and Mr. Markopoulos rejected it. They didn't listen to us. Expected…washing politicians, there is no responsibility, all of which the passengers take with the driver of the train. Suffering is all. Absolutely no place.”

“We've reached O, they're still at A – we've finished the puzzle”

Mr. Plakias noted the uproar in Evangelismos days after the accident, and said politicians had to step on crane vehicles and lift wagons.

“The cranes that came in were all slush and snow, so they put it down. They took them… should they transport them 15 kilometers or keep them next door? How did this happen without prosecutorial intervention? The Prime Minister has no information. We have reached O and they are still at A. Everyone was engaged in mourning and mourning, and from the third month we got out of bed and searched for the causes of the accident. We finished the puzzle. There will be a war in court and we will burn them all.”

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Nikos Plakias has enough anger in him now that sadness has turned to anger.

“They think they are protected for life. When they leave that office without being re-elected or disqualified, they are prosecuted. We are here”

“I'm a restaurateur. Can I know more than politicians? I should be in the grave grieving for my children, not be a reporter and a policeman, not pay us an expert. Would they do that in another state?'

Regarding the report of experts and the presence of an extra compartment in the commercial train, Nikos Plakias said, “Different experts have been involved in this case and opinions differ. I do not believe that there are 14u Wagon, we have to be very careful”

1,300,000 people come to Brussels on March 18 – the next phase of legal action

Signatures have now reached 1,324,493, and the goal is 1,500,000. Maria Karystianou, head of the Association of Relatives of Victims and Injured from Tempe, will be in Brussels on March 18.

“The baggage contains 1,300,000 signatures. We hope this will be heard throughout the European Parliament and I hope the President will also attend. We hope that Europe will ask us about parliamentary immunity and that politicians will be investigated and brought to court.

As for when relatives' “fights” will begin in the courts, Mr. Blackias said they expect July, but they will start in September and October.

“Maybe it won't start in the summer because the investigator has invited others. We're hoping for July but we're hoping for September, October, about seventy meetings. Unless we get a decision from the Greek courts, we will not go to the European courts. “We are gearing up in Europe against political figures and financial crimes.”

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Mr. Plagias, Mr. for his discoveries regarding his children. filed suit against Agorastos. As he revealed After 10 months, the girls' belongings were found in Kooluri. The lawyer called me to fetch my children's belongings.

“We don't rest. They make us angry and make us stronger.”

For Nikos Plakias, the goal is the same… make everyone responsible pay! Now the anger is overwhelming, he can't cry, he can't act on the amount of anger he has. “We will not rest. They make us angry and make us stronger. We are determined not to stop. There are three things I need. Patience, money and time. I won't stop. The truth is the same. A civil court will not be opened unless it sees criminal cases being filed. The aim is for everyone responsible to know that the impact is not confined to the prison. They fear losing their dream life. Forget them. Pledge of assets against any person liable”

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