April 19, 2024

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Nissan has gone crazy! How many new models will you introduce by 2026? (+Video)

Nissan has gone crazy!  How many new models will you introduce by 2026?  (+Video)

The Japanese automaker has given a little glimpse into its business plan, which is far from… modest.

The fact is that we had enough time to listen to it AprilBut it seemed like the Japanese were… keeping them together! With a teaser filled with vague silhouettes of models, the automaker wanted to give us an idea of ​​its immediate business plan.

With the title “the bow”, It includes the launch, but also the radical renewal of the 30 (!) models that will come to fill its range on the global market. Of these, sixteen will be used Electric and hybrid Drive systems and the rest will move with them heat engines, Which is also the primary choice for most current models.

Her plan April, Its strategy is tailored regionally, as the requirements of global markets differ significantly from each other. For Europe, which is our focus, the launch is planned Six new electric models, It aims to gradually increase corporate electric vehicle sales to 40% by 2026.

According to what the company declares, it is true that it was in no hurry to electrify its range (although with… paper(The first generation, which was a pioneer), wants 60% of its models to be electric by 2030.

At the same time, wanting to bring costs in line with the competition, it will embark on the development and development of new technologies and batteries, as well as a modern institutional platform, on which future electric cars will step.

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