July 22, 2024

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Olympiacos: Gus is the “Red and White” player.

Olympiacos: Gus is the “Red and White” player.

After Nikola Milutinov, Nigel Williams-Goss will once again wear the “red and white”, signing his new contract with Olympiacos for the next two years.

Will be a resident of Piraeus again Nigel Williams Goss. was the american The primary goal of Georgos Partzokasas I read in the newspaper and distance that existed Between the two sides on Tuesday (6/27) covered, b Oh, my God Returning after his tenure in the 2018-19 season to Olympic.

the Piraeus They offered him a $2 million contract for the next two years, so Joss signed. The 28-year-old officially departed on Tuesday afternoon empty real madrid, Where he competed over the past two years to wear the “red and white” again. After all, he had made his junior debut with Olympiacos euroleague.

The terms of Olympiacos also apply to Joss

The 28-year-old sent his signed contract to the Olympiacos administration in order to formalize the “marriage”. Olympiacos is a team that does not want to disturb the balance in the dressing room. As in the case of Nikola Milutinov by Mustafa Fall, as well as the 28-year-old Gonzaga goalkeeper. The “red and white” did not want to upset the financial balance with Thomas Walkop, and so Gus poured … water into his wine to finally seal the deal.

Last season Joss finished European champions, and against the “Reds and Whites” celebrated an invasion euroleague In the Kaunas. In 26 games played in the competition, he averaged 7.4 points, 1.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists in about 16 minutes.

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Olympiacos will continue, during the day, to officially announce the American player.