May 22, 2024

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Olympiacos' historic qualification to the “fourth”

Olympiacos' historic qualification to the “fourth”

A historic night for Olympiacos. The red and white ones For the first time they reached the semi-finals of a European competitionlike They won 3-2 on penalties against Fenerbahce With the hero Tzoulakis who made three saves, they got the ticket to qualify for the semi-finals of the Conference League.

as you say Sport24The Turkish team won 1-0 in regular time, while the score did not change in extra time, with Olympiacos advancing on penalties.

  • 0-1: Al-Kaabi
  • 0-1: Tzoulakis saves Tadic's penalty kick
  • 0-1: Livakovic saves Al-Arabi’s penalty kick
  • 1-1: Batshuayi
  • 1-2: Horta
  • 1-2: Tzoulakis saves Oder's penalty kick.
  • 1-3: Pipes
  • 2-3: Dzeko 2-3: Livakovic saves Rodney's penalty kick
  • 2-3: Tzoulakis saves Bonucci's penalty kick

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the match

The first final of the match went to Olympiacos. Ciquinio excellent card defeated Kahvetsi – Tzikou, he shot the ball outside the area, but it was off target. The hosts quickly took the initiative and movements In the 11th minute of the match they took the lead and tied the score at 3-3 on aggregate.

Tadic sent the ball from the left to the post, and Szymanski passed the ball from the right side inside the area to the unprotected Kahwaji, who took the ball and sent it into the net. Two minutes later, Fenerbahce threatened again with a shot from Farid outside the goal.

Fenerbahce continued to have possession of the ball and try to find a breakthrough in the Olympiacos defence. The Red and Whites tried to find an “answer” to the counterattack, but to no avail. The Turks had a good moment in the 34th minute, as Kahitsi penetrated into the penalty area and shot the ball, but Tzoulakis shouted in the audience. The first half ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the Turkish team, and it remained unchanged.

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The second half began with a double effort from Kantioglu and Dzeko inside the area, and the ball stopped in both bodies. Olympiacos kept the ball longer, as Medibar passed Iborra instead of Jovetic and the red and white played a 4-3-3 formation. The possession brought two final matches with Carmo (56) and Rodini (58), without making it difficult for Livakovic.

Fenerbahce regained possession of the ball, entered the ball into the penalty area, and Olympiacos closed all the spaces. In the 70th minute, Tseko shot outside the penalty area without finding the goal. In the 1980s, Olympiacos had a very big moment For the target. Kancioglu's inaction and poor judgment led to Masura getting a four to four from Livakovic, who made the save.

In the 82nd minute, Batshuayi scored, but was exposed to danger. Four minutes later, Wiener threatened to miss Szymanski's ball at the far post. There was no change in the result until the final match, so the match went to extra time.

Olympiacos had the biggest chance to go into extra time. In the 103rd minute, Fortunis committed a mistake that filled the area, Iborra shot a header, Livakovic saved with his foot and the ball hit the post. Carmo then grabbed the rebound and Dzeko cleared the Portuguese defender's shot off the goal line.

Fenerbakht: Levakovic, Osagie-Samuel, Dzeko, Bikau, Kandioğlu, S. Szymanski, Yukcik, Farid, Gheitsi, Tadic, Dzeko

Olympic: Tzoulakis, Rodini, Douy, Carmo, Ortega, Cequinho, Essie, Fortunis, Pontense, Jovetic, El Kaabi.