April 24, 2024

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Olympiacos: Mitro Long presented himself ready and waiting for the opportunity

Olympiacos: Mitro Long presented himself ready and waiting for the opportunity

Naz Mitro Long has helped Olympiacos in the Basketball League, and starting with the doubleheader against Barcelona and Baskonia, he is waiting for his chance in the EuroLeague.

the Olympic He got off to the best possible start to the warmest month of the season in terms of workload. The “red and white” won two victories Armani And Monaco In the chef, before they also passed through the closed area of ​​Liusia. by Naz Metro Lounge To come as an addition to the surroundings and be able to make his presence felt.

The expatriate guard got his passport and entered her shift Basketball league Of the match Confronting Apollo. Against AEK, he completed three league matches with a complete performance. After all, Metro Long showed from the first day he stepped on the ground in “Red and White” that he came to offer solutions.

Something he does in his presence alone. Olympiacos had the luxury of being without Kanaan as part of the foreigners' rotation against AEK. Mitro Long helped streamline the offense, especially the second unit, which he has been doing since the game with the Patriots. He was even in the 12th round of the two matches against Armani and Monaco, that is, when the second round began and he earned the right to participate. It appears like this George Bartzukas How much he thinks about it.

What did he give to Olympiacos in the matches he played?

In these three basketball league matches, it became clear from his shooting that he was not at his full competitive speed, after only nearly a month of training. Shooting 3/9 overall, after going 1/5 against Apollo from three. Mitrou Long is a better than 33% shooter in this very small sample.

Despite this, playing with fives is often unusable due to rotation, as he counts 4 assists in each of his matches. He is willing to put his body on defense and run and creates a constant threat with his ability to shoot the ball.

So far, he is averaging 7.7 points with 4 assists and 2.3 rebounds. In fact, from his final passes, Olympiacos gained 8.7 points. His scoring comes mostly from the pick n' roll, as he scored on 9 of his 6 possessions. When he nails his consistent 3-pointer as well, he will bring a lot of help and elements that were missing from the second session. Of course, the sample remains very small and Olympiacos needs him in more important matches, like everyone else on the roster.

He's waiting for his chance in the EuroLeague

The Giorgos Barzoukas system has its own characteristics, and the inclusion of each athlete goes through a specific process. Metro Lounge could not be an exception. His samples were positive in the basketball league, where his presence gave him the luxury of rotating. However, Piraeus' successive 'finals' in the Euroleague have not allowed it to get its footing on the ground yet.

Having been in 12th place in the matches against Armani and Monaco, he seems ready to seize the slightest opportunity that comes his way. Olympiacos needs them all, in a period that will play a decisive role in strengthening it.

Bartzukas confirms Consistently, the team has been completed for the first time in recent days There is no luxury in missing out on anyone. Hence the choice of the large menu that allows changes depending on the match. With Metro Long now part of the system and the plan and day in and day out an integral part of the whole, he looks ready to seize his chance in the EuroLeague.

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After all, we are talking about a player who walked on the tournament field, despite being excluded Messina Last season, he already had a full year behind him, in addition to his debut Zalgiris.