April 13, 2024

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Olympiacos once again reminds us of last season's hungry pack of wolves

Olympiacos once again reminds us of last season's hungry pack of wolves

Olympiacos has reeled off five straight wins in the EuroLeague and is now a different team than it was at the start of the season.

When, on the last day of January, Olympiacos traveled to Germany to play the match against Bayern, they did not feel comfortable at all.

He was desperately looking for a good away win to get on track for the playoffs. Even then it was wear and tear and everything seemed uncertain.

A day later, the narrow win over Bayern more than made up for it. For competitive reasons, but mainly for psychological reasons.

It was not a coincidence that Giorgos Barzoukas entered the locker room and told his players that this victory was the turning point of the season. A critical point that can change throughout the year.


After all, as much as Barzoukas knows Olympiacos and its players, no one knows them. From that match onwards, the turning point for Barzoukas is that Olympiacos is invincible.

It's a completely different team, and it reminds everyone now of the great and terrible team of last year. Olympiacos are now a confident side even when trailing by double digits in the 19th minute.

There is no such thing as fear

This is a team that no one will be afraid of, even if Walkup, Larentzakis, Milutinov, Williams-Goss and Mitro Long go out unprepared.

That's why no one complained at SEF on Thursday night when Virtus was +12 and ended the half at +9.

No one was offended by this, everyone seemed sure to be upset. This is not for any other reason, but simply because Olympiacos now has confidence even on difficult nights.

As much as 40 days ago, at the opposite moment, the IMF was ready to explode from tension and pressure. So, in less than 40 days, Olympiacos found their way and became a different team.

The team has achieved five consecutive victories in the Euroleague, three of which were away from home against Bayern, Valencia and Zalgiris. Undefeated in the league, they also won the cup against Panathinaikos.

They changed the image of Petrusev and Wright

He's finding his way at just the right time, with two mid-season contract players paying their precious little money.

Red and white were found in the faces of Petrusev and Wright, two very valuable solutions that changed the whole picture. Even Mitro Long comes in injured and plays and gives precious breath to the struggling Olympiacos perimeter.

Somehow, the efforts of the old-timers, who have now found their rhythm, will not be in vain. With captain Kostas Papanikolaou at the forefront, Olympiacos are giving their best.

Fall, Kanan, McKissick and Williams-Goss all talked at the right point and Olympiacos threw Virtus to the canvas as well. People left SEF smiling, even though the evening started poorly.

Now the goal of direct qualification to the playoffs seems more than possible, especially after covering the margin of defeat in Bologna.

The optimism stems from the image of Olympiacos, which reminds us, as we said, of the wonderful and terrible team. It does not mean that something is finished or that the goal has been achieved. After all, there are tough matches ahead.

But there is a difference. The program, which seemed like fire until last January, has now become acceptable in the eyes of everyone. good. maybe.

Not because the opponents have changed, but because Olympiacos is now a different team. Last year's war machine or the pack of hungry wolves, as Olympiacos players call themselves.

  • PS1. It is unfair to Williams-Goss that most people focus on the discomfort he felt at the end and not the self-sacrifice he showed in a match that Olympiacos desperately needed. The American was not supposed to play yesterday but participated due to problems. It is true that he did not contribute due to successive absences. No one disputes that, but on Thursday he took the risk. And it was very good. Without him, Olympiacos could not have won.
  • PS2. Philip Petrusev was everywhere and in the match against Virtus. A great addition for Olympiacos, a tall player who will dominate the Europa League in the next few years.
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