July 14, 2024

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Olympiacos: The real amount of ESI transfer is more than double! | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Olympiacos: The real amount of ESI transfer is more than double!  |  Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K. writes. Nikolakopoulos wrote in his blog in the newspaper some things about Issi’s move to Olympiacos and the proposals that have already arrived.

Today I wrote in the newspaper that Olympiacos recently received two offers from the top European leagues, worth 15 and 18 million euros for Sadi Issi, which they rejected without discussion.

he asked me So it was a joke: “Hey Kostas, we gave him 4 million, they give us four times more in one year and we tell them no?” The answer is that things are not quite like that!

Firstly Each club can price the player as much as they want. It is his right, especially since he has a multi-year contract with him, like Olympiacos has with Essie, until the summer of 2027. There is no clause, so Olympiacos asks for what they want. After all, he can ask for “exactly what he wants” because he does not want to sell him, just a year after being brought from Argentina, where the 22-year-old midfielder is one of the best players in the world. Team pillars.

Especially not With Mendilibar on the bench, for those who have not noticed this, which no one has noticed, there are only two players, who were used in all matches without exception, league and European: Al-Kaabi and Al-Essi! In fact, the Moroccan was substituted five times, while the Argentine was substituted only twice. Therefore, he is the player most used by coach Vasco.

to Let me return to Essie’s presentation, regarding the two very important proposals made to Olympiacos and to which Vangelis Marinakis responded categorically negatively: It is true that the “red and whites” offered 4 million euros to buy him from Uracan – after all, the Argentine club also made an announcement with Link in the summer. However, it is not true that Issy cost Olympiacos 4 million euros! It costs more than double!

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Real The purchase price for Ese from Olympiacos is 8,350,000 euros! The remaining amount of 4,350,000 euros, in addition to 4,000,000 euros for Huracan, went to the managers who had a percentage of his transfer rights, and the player’s family who also had a percentage of his transfer rights and the managers’ commissions! Essentially, Huracan had 60% ownership of the player and the other 40% was owned by his managers and family, while the managers also wanted a huge commission.

Can Even to reveal to you that there was another European team, Anderlecht, that offered more for Huracan, but Essie refused to leave! Because the Belgians did not give the manager and the family the money they wanted. They gave his team more money than the 4 million euros that Olympiacos was offering, but the player refused to go to Belgium, because he wanted to do what his family and agents asked.

In addition, let me record something else: In January, the first offer came to Piraeus, if I remember correctly from Germany, about 8 million euros. They said to Olympiacos: “We gave eight in the summer, are you coming to give us eight now?”


on saturday “At least as things stand now,” she wrote, “the new president of the association will be Yannis Alfozos.”

Sunday I began to change it: “In association elections many times, the last-minute fermentation process is of paramount importance…”

on monday She continued: “Vangelis Marinakis, according to relevant reports, will run for the position of president of the association. Then he will become president! Don’t talk about him.”

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Today is Tuesday I can write that Marinakis will indeed be a candidate for the presidency of the League. To make sure of this, he goes on to say that he will take it.

today’s picture:

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“Sports The Dubai Council holds a meeting with the most prominent football academies to enhance the focus of talent discovery. The meeting was held at the Council’s headquarters in Dubai, in the presence of officials from Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Olympiacos.

The vital role of academies in supporting sports talent development projects was highlighted. The talent discovery policy aims to place the UAE among the top 10 countries in the world in global competitiveness indicators.”

Finally one