May 22, 2024

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Olympiacos: With question marks, but he did five out of five and won with three players! | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Olympiacos: With question marks, but he did five out of five and won with three players!  |  Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K. writes. Nikolakopoulos in his blog “Gazeta” wrote a lot about Olympiacos on the occasion of the very difficult victory achieved yesterday.

The win over Olympiacos was very stressful, but also very important. Let's think that without El Kaabi's goal now the difference from AEK will be -7 and from PAOK at -6…while now it was -5 and -4, but also -4 from Panathinaikos has become -2. All this is waiting for his decision cup– He will be out within a week of Olympiacos' last match against Panathinaikos in Karaiskakis, which was stopped in a draw at 49.the Minute, thin.

The appearance Olympiacos was first on Mendelibre with many question marks. Maybe because it was his first time in such conditions (i.e. against a Greek League opponent who played full defense and counterattacks), maybe because his team played at a much lower pace after the three very difficult matches from Thursday to Thursday. The two are with Ferencsvaros and the temporary one is with PAOK in Toumba.

This cannot be done For no reason, Olympiacos showed many signs of fatigue yesterday. With the coach trying to give freshness with five new faces. To his credit, Mindliber admitted he chose the wrong starting lineup. First of all, from where and to what extent Masuras should not play and Cabral should play. Secondly, it did not make sense for the team to have two pieces, Essie and Iborra, in a home match against 7the Ranking set. Vascus realized his mistakes and in the first half he took off Cabral (with Podence) and Essie (with Cisinho), while quickly, from the 56th minute, he created a full attacking formation, returning to a 4-4-2 with El Kaambi instead of Ibora Resort and Horta. Next to Tsiquinios.

My opinion However, he also made a mistake on the third substitution of the half, as there was no reason for the Bianconi to come off and Viso to come on. Because here's what happened: With the rapid entry of Al-Kaabi, Midliber now only has one change. And when he had to use it, he took out the ballless and colorless Navarro and put on Jovetic (who again helped as a substitute), thought about it and thought about it again, until he passed him in the 80th minute. Simply because with one injury he would be left with 10 players. So if he had left the Bianconi, he would have passed Jovetic in the 65th minute and would have had room to make another change.

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In any caseMedibar, if nothing else, showed reflexes by correcting most of what he caused with his decisions at the starting lineup level and thus in the end helped Olympiacos achieve fifth place out of five with the change of technical leadership (OFI 4-) 0, Ferencvaros 1 -0 and 1-0, PAOK 4-1, Asteras 2-1) with a total of 12-2 goals!

Just thatLet's face it, the team wasn't that good yesterday, no matter what the stats say (25-8 finals, 11-2 at home, 11-1 from corner kicks, 65-35 possession). Because a team is good when it creates clear scoring opportunities in this type of match. Olympiacos flatly failed to do something like this yesterday – they only had good chances after the 87th minute, 2-1 later when Asteras took the lead. Otherwise, except for the second goal, there was only a chance for Rodini and that from the side.

she Olympiacos' great inability to produce classic goalscoring stages, combined with the chances that Asteras were able to do so, whether at 0-0 or at 1-1, should worry Mindliber greatly. Because, if yesterday's match was not “read” well, quite simply, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, the team will not win in Agrinho and will go to the playoffs further in the standings and so on… I'm sorry that I backed away. Olympiacos will trample on it as will PAO who did not properly analyze the 2-2 draw with Lamia and a 1-1 draw with Kifissia in Leoforo.

The gentle one Since yesterday, apart from the win of course, maintaining the heel streak and the elongated form of Pontense, but also Carmo, who has been the best player of Olympiacos in terms of duration and stability, is that the team yesterday looked like winning three more players, which is very important in light of The rotation continues in Greece and Europe.

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FirstlyViso, who entered the second half, played alongside Karmos and showed us why Olympiacos signed him. An experienced, good and dynamic goalkeeper, first on the ball, in headers and in attacking formations, although he is not very tall. Let's not forget that this Portuguese belongs to the club, unlike Carmos.

second Richards who played 90 minutes for the first time and if nothing else tells us with his rather good presence, both behind and in front, that Olympiacos besides Ortega has another classic left-back and there is no need to put Kenny on his right foot from the left, but he could have him as a replacement for Rodney on right.

third Iborra, who played at starting level for the first time after three months and proved that Olympiacos, alongside Essie, has another reliable defensive midfielder. For the 55 minutes he played, the Spaniard held his position well and was certainly more consistent than Essie.

Pay attention, I'm not saying that these three kids rolled their eyes yesterday. I say that they showed that in many matches the coach can rely on them. A great thing, especially for the left-back and goalkeeper positions, where solutions are not enough.


To another Once Rastavac played a very good and competitive set. The Serbian is a good coach and has proven that throughout his years in the Greek League. Yesterday he played a musical show featuring this difficult team, despite the exclusion of nine starting players – something that gave the opportunity to stand out and play well and new players like goalkeeper Christopoulos!

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a respectful personHowever, Medibar congratulated him after the match for his team's effort, giving him credit for how strong and strong Astera Tripolis showed against Olympiacos, who incidentally made two saves after a 1-1 lead and another goal from the dangerous Blueberry. That is, Tripoli played the match terribly, even when they tied in the 79th minute.

today's picture:

Like a fish Out of the water, Cabral still looks like Olympiacos. It's not like he didn't fight her. He made two or three good movements and one or two shots, but he was not the picture of a starting winger. Very poor crosses, clever back-heel movements (do like Pontense when it's 2-1, my friend!), sophisticated options – once he went to change the game and sent the ball into the Paschalakis area.

despair With Iborra in the 11th position, he played more forward, somewhat like a 8 position, a position he does not possess. Simply because he does not have a confident and good pass in general. Yesterday he surrendered four times to the opponent. And three others, while hitting a beautiful area like the right flank, he turned the ball over correctly only once. In addition, it has two balls.

For a change Bianconi, who was generally good, energetic and in the game, I can assume that the manager did it as “punishment” for the phase of Astera's goal, not pulling the Frenchman out in time for offside, unlike what the other defenders did. . Thus Astera's goal was covered. Biancone has a timing problem. In Tripoli's opportunity, he accepted the goal, and while jumping, he did not find the ball to chase, because he did not jump at the right time from the right place.

Finally one