May 21, 2024

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One child hangs from the window, another pokes his head out of the car’s sunroof

Scary video There two children were recorded as having been “hanged” from its open window and sunroof Car Their father comes to light and causes anger.

In the video released by Mega, one child can be seen sitting on the open window outside the car, while another is seen sticking his head out of the sunroof of the moving vehicle. Petro rally.

Here’s what the driver’s brother and the videographer said

Speaking to Mega, the driver’s brother said: “Because I love them so much, if the children went out of the window for a second, they could have left it there for a second and put it back in so that it wouldn’t get spoiled. There was no way he could have done anything, left them to die dangerously».

“He’s also very careful with the children and loves them very much. Well, if they go out the window for a second, he can’t spoil the children’s fun. Well, so there’s no murder. He didn’t kill the child, he didn’t abuse it,” he said.

The person who filmed the video said that it was not a short time, but at least 10 minutes: “We had to follow it for 10 minutes in the car? We were crazy about what we saw because motorcycles were passing right and left. One (child) was going in from one side and the other. Most of the time. Sometimes he was out there, arms outstretched, his head all the way out. That’s how it spread.”

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