July 22, 2024

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One million Russians will be in Lviv in western Ukraine – Makeleio.gr

One million Russians will be in Lviv in western Ukraine – Makeleio.gr

the the Russian army You will reach the west Ukraine if United State He and their allies have not started negotiations to resolve the conflict between Ukraine and Russia Colonel McGregor, former advisor to the US Pentagon.
He added, “We have failed in everything we wanted to achieve in Ukraine. What we really need now is to stop the fighting and reach an agreement that we may not like.”
But this must happen before the situation gets out of control.”

Why doesn’t Russia crush Ukraine? – There is an answer

Russia has everything to crush Ukraine, but Putin, the Russian president, does not do this, because Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians, American Colonel McGregor emphasized.
He added, “The Russians have 300,000 reserve soldiers that they haven’t used yet, and thousands of missiles and artillery shells.
They have everything to crush Ukraine.
And people ask, if this is true, why hasn’t Putin done it yet?
My assessment is that, as MacGregor says, he sees Ukrainians as Orthodox Christians as much as Russians.
And he doesn’t want to kill them.
This is incomprehensible… in the West because propaganda presents Putin as the bad guy and the West… as the good guy…
Let’s not spoil the story, shall we?
“The Russians understood that and decided that this would be unacceptable.
They have been telling us for three years: do what you want, but don’t push troops and weapons to our borders.
We ignored that.” MacGregor.
The reason for this trend, according to the analyst, is the underestimation of the economic and military capabilities of Russia, whose army today, according to him, is stronger and larger than it was in the eighties.

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