April 18, 2024

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One step ahead of the production of the Hellenic dreadnought

One step ahead of the production of the Hellenic dreadnought

There is significant interest from one NATO country to acquire 700 units of the Hoplite, while two European countries are discussing buying the rights to the vehicle.

About two years ago a new one appeared military vehicle by name soldier (hoplite). A multi-role vehicle with the ability to change personality in minutes, from a personnel carrier to a … Fire departmentetc.

This device is developed and manufactured in Thessaloniki by the company EODHWhich has been working for more than 20 years in the field of defense and technology. In fact, it is the company in question that makes tank armor Fahad And for four countries Germany, Greece, Hungary And Norway.

Ready to deal

In the past two years, many efforts have been made before EODHregarding hoplites in order to produce and supply his armies NATO around the world. In fact, the car was presented and tested by the Greek army, and it has a very high rating, but approval to buy Greek army with this.

Despite all this, Greek company It is preparing during the year to advance an agreement with one of the NATO countries (toward the end of 2023), in order to provide it with 700 units. The question is where will the production take place, that is, in Greece or in the country that will order it.

Two countries want hoplite rights

purpose of its people EODH It is the production of all vehicles in Thessaloniki Or even 300 of the 700 likely to be built.

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Note that the Greek car is equipped with a mechanical assembly 6.7 liters who harvests 300 hp and produce Torque 1,100 Nm. Its capacity exceeds 700 km tank up to 300 liters. It is designed so that it can operate in temperatures ranging from -23°C to +49°C.

interest him hoplite It is not only sold in Greece or other countries where there is an interest in their rights and in fact not from one but from two European countries.

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