February 22, 2024

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Palworld: Players send threatening messages to developers

Palworld: Players send threatening messages to developers

the In the world It is the most popular game during the month, as it managed to attract attention from the moment of its release. Her address Pocket pair Combines many elements from different franchises, such as Zeldathe Survival ship evolved And of course Pokemon From Nintendo.

It is considered by many to be a “bad” version of Pokemon, where the central player can “catch” different creatures and incorporate them into their party. Apparently, not everyone liked this. More specifically, the company behind the viral game has officially announced that it is receiving threats from various players, who are sending threatening messages in emails – and not only – against the developers and artists behind the development.

The news was made public by a Pocketpair community manager named Bucky, who stated on his personal X account that he had received several emails containing threatening messages.

Read what he said in X:

I'm working frantically to answer all my DMs and emails! I promise you! However, you will forgive me if I do not respond to the threats we receive on our lives and the threats to the company. If you're able to write something like a real person, I'll get back to you ASAP!

Shortly after, the company's CEO, Takuro Mizube, made some statements:

Right now, we are receiving messages against our artists and seeing various tweets threatening their lives. I have received a variety of opinions about Palworld, which is managed by many people and I am responsible for its production. They will be grateful if you do not send such letters to our artists…

Palworld: How to play a co-op game in the same world as your friends

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Palworld makes history – it also broke a DOTA 2 record that had been standing for years!

Is Palworld coming to PS5? What do we know officially?

In case you're not familiar with the concept, Palworld promises you a world reminiscent of Pokémon, except that both the creature's “trainer” and the creatures themselves can use different types of weapons. This strange combination reminds me of something out of Monster Hunter, with Pokémon and maybe a bit of Borderlands.

The title has many survival features in its gameplay, such as crafting, but also the ability to capture objects with a type of “Pokeball”, which in this case is in the form of a lamp.

Palworld is a synchronous and multiplayer game where players can explore shared worlds alongside their friends. Players can upgrade “buddies,” as the creatures are called, assist them in battles or work with them. In fact, they also play a role in the survival part, as hunters can steal players' friends, while they themselves can sell them or even eat them, if they find themselves in a tragic situation.

Palworld is available exclusively on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series It is worth noting that the game is also available with the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.