July 14, 2024

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Panathinaikos suffers from the harmful effects of expecting everything from managers Blog – Nikos Athanasio

Panathinaikos suffers from the harmful effects of expecting everything from managers  Blog – Nikos Athanasio

Nikos Athanasio wrote about the delay in implementing Panathinaikos’ transfer plan.

This note will be more attractive if it begins with a lettertheafternoon He does not put money and that is why o Panathinaikos Slow to get playersIt might be more attractive if we wrote in the introduction that “Ivan Jovanovic is curious about transfers and that is why A.J Panathinaikos lateWant something more commercial and in the mood for the time? Alavuzos do not drive ya Yovanovitch He takes a long time to make his final choices and this combination hurts him PanathinaikosTwo in one, my home.

If the first or the second or both are true, we will happily highlight it in this corner, criticize it, and bring it to a boil. Except things are not. And the club management gave the green light to the exorbitant purchases of football players, and the coach became more decisive in his choices, ignoring his privacy in this part and the presence of the coach, Giannis Papadimitriou It made the club more flexible in negotiations.

So what does he pay? Panathinaikos and today July 3 I only have two defenders on the list, and have yet to find a first-class midfielder and right-back eleven ahead of the games against Dniproone of the most important games in recent years?

With no excuse for anyone, the Greek League is not a priority for players who “hit” trilobite. This is a basic rule of the market that has been known for many years.

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the Panathinaikos The club is no longer looking at the market… the lottery 400 thousand euros Every year it has become the club that goes through the transfer market to find top-shelf players, players who will make a difference, who will change its life on the field. Since the past two years, the band’s level has risen to normal levels thanks to his work Yovanovitch At the level of football and transfers, the club is looking for the best football players.

This is a very difficult market situation, but the point is, what are you doing as an organization to put yourself in a better position?

the Panathinaikos He is looking for different players, only he keeps doing it in the least effective way, in a way that refers not to a modern European club but to a Greek team in the 90s. They were fine in the 90s, but now they are 30 years behind.

Greek football in general continues to operate with different rules and standards of organization and structures compared to the vast majority of teams in the old continent. Every year we envy their successes, every year we wonder how teams – ‘villages’ get to the point of getting tens of millions of euros in revenue from transfers and while the road is ahead, we refuse to follow it. tenaciously.

the PanathinaikosTherefore, you suffer the adverse effects of expecting everything from agents. He didn’t “build” in previous years his own rules, organization, and structure for scouting football players, didn’t devise a strategy, a high-level scouting department, things that would increase his pool of available options, things that would make him so powerful. The delay in the summer of 2021, the delay in the winter of 2022, the delay last summer as a result of him playing “naked” matches with Slavia, he was also delayed in the winter, as he ran out of options and lost a difference. 7 points from Eck.

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the trilobite He does not deal with his ‘own’ players but with those who have been recommended by agents and this obviously greatly limits the options available. He doesn’t open their eyes even when he has money to invest.

the Durek For example, it was also suggested PAOKthe Panathinaikos He moved smartly and made it his own. the Ekong Trust He was also proposed in Trifylli, the “greens” put him on their list, he was left in the priorities and ended up in Thessaloniki. Recycling.

In the year 2023, in the information age, with knowledge being power, it is self-defeating for a team of this caliber to ignore basic principles of operation on the path of copying, when it has all the required “tools” to take many steps forward.

Let’s hope he comes Papadimitriou In the club, he will put an end to the old way of running and help him Panathinaikos To develop it, it will make it function properly, so that the organism is saved over time from the previous pathogens.