April 18, 2024

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Panathinaikos: “The Greens see Mirotic” – Basketball – Greece

Panathinaikos: “The Greens see Mirotic” – Basketball – Greece

Determined to build a list that will star in Greece and Europe is PanathinaikosWhich has also been “witnessed” by his movements so far in the transfer market!

After the completion of the largest summer transfer “bombshell” and recent years with Acquisition of Kostas Slukasthe “greens” did not seem to be in the mood … letting go of the foot off the “gas”, considering other cases of players from the top “shelf”!

So according to reports from IsraelIt is said that Ergin Ataman’s team has put him on the ‘radar’. Nikola Mirotic, which for several days was in a prominent position in the Report from Olympiacos, After the departure of Sasha Vizhenkov from the Sacramento Kings and the NBA.

Panathinaikos will certainly enter the market for another striker, who will be the second addition to the “4” position, after the great The return of Dinos Mitoglu.

Let’s remember that the naturalized Spanish striker has been around for a few days Discussions with FC Barcelona In order to find the “golden” section and Both sides terminate their cooperationwithout being taken to court, despite the fact that the experienced ace still has two years left on his contract.

However, apart from the ‘eternal players’, the ‘trick’ to acquiring the 32-year-old striker is also Monaco by Mike James, According to all the claims of the Israelis.

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