July 20, 2024

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Panathinaikos: The three articles of the Disciplinary Code and the penalties it stipulates

Panathinaikos: The three articles of the Disciplinary Code and the penalties it stipulates

What does the EPC Disciplinary Code say about the stoppage of the derby match between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos?

The derby between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos was never over after Juancar fell after a firecracker exploded near him.

It is expected that the fate of the match will be decided in the courtrooms, after the teams are summoned to apologize, and always based on the match sheet and what the referee says there, as well as the opinion of the derby doctor.


the Disciplinary laws Ha The EPO states that:

Stopping due to physical injury caused by falling objects

Under Paragraph 3 of Article 15, entitled “Throwing Objects,” the team whose fans caused the match to be temporarily stopped faces a financial fine, but if the stoppage is permanent, it loses the match and is awarded 2 to 4 games.

“If (throwing objects) results in the referee temporarily stopping or temporarily suspending the start of the match, he or she will be fined between three thousand (3,000) euros and forty-five thousand (45,000) euros.”

“If by throwing things, There is such physical harm to a person who is lawfully present on the field of play(s.s. guilty) shall be punished b A fine from thirty thousand (30,000) euros to one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) euros..

If there is Final stoppage or final cancellation of the match, in addition to counting the match in favor of the opposing team with a score of 0-3 (Unless the score favors the non-offending team, in which case it stands) and a penalty kick Holding a match without an audience for two (2) to four (4) matches“.

Judging the severity of the injury

According to paragraph 6 of Article 15, entitled “Decisions,” the match doctor is the only one competent to judge the severity of the injury.

“Bodily injury to a person lawfully present on the field (as well as an assessment of its seriousness and possibility of occurrence) His weakness The person’s continuation in performing his duties) can only be proven by Match doctorwhich has the power to order anything needed regarding dealing with a person’s physical injury (hospitalization, etc.).

If a football player, coach or referee (who has been judged unable to continue his duties by the match doctor) is injured by throwing dangerous objects, Stopping the match is mandatory for him to rule.

The team’s exit/return to the field of play

In the same paragraph of the same article, the disciplinary system describes the procedures for leaving or returning to the field of play.

“Any decision related to the non-start, interruption or continuation of the match, or the teams leaving or returning to the field of play, Exclusively by the match referee It is briefly explained in FA

The team that leaves the field without the referee interrupting the game and giving the appropriate commandRegardless of the importance of the reason at hand (unless the violent events developed so quickly that the referee did not have sufficient time to order a stop to the match), He shall be punished with the same penalties as those responsible for stopping a team matchTaking into account paragraph (c) above.”.

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