July 14, 2024

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Panathinaikos, Vildosa: Came “quietly” to make … noise | Blog – Giorgos Kovaris

Panathinaikos, Vildosa: Came “quietly” to make … noise |  Blog – Giorgos Kovaris

Luka Vildoza is the first transfer ‘bomb’ of the new era at Panathinaikos and Giorgos Covares wrote about what they should expect from the Argentine guard at Oaxaca.

Speaking of which, it wasn’t news. its acquisition Luca Bulldozer by Panathinaikos known for a long time. It was simply necessary to complete the competitive obligations on both sides in order for the “marriage” between the two sides to become official.

Yes, their additions were good, useful and necessary Costa Antitokonmo And Dimitris Moraitis Who opened the ad dance for the “day after” of the “greens” but the first (until…next) “big” name became a resident Oka He is, of course, the Argentine goalkeeper. and you know. Many have fallen into the trap. Maybe without realizing it. But it is true and I have discussed it with many people.

Unfairly, there was no shame in having it

fact that mr Bulldozer I agreed with him for a long time Panathinaikos Minimize the … noise which – under other circumstances – would have been made upon hearing the news that ‘Clover’ has obtained. not that right; Just because he was “sure” he spent a little… sure. While of course it shouldn’t.

We are talking about a player on the top shelf euroleague. A player who can make a difference. An essential member of the Argentine national team. The player who went through NBA. A player with excellent European knowledge who many teams from first gear at Europe’s top club would want to make their squad for next season. But for Panathinaikos they meant. And they ran to catch a few more “suitors”. Bulldozer It closes from the very first moment a huge hole that has been on the “green” list for three seasons. That’s from the norm.

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Yes, I know what you’re thinking. that Bulldozer He is not a “pure” ace, but a combo guard. They say “half”. But he wanted players with exactly those characteristics Ataman for the area. This means, not doing just one thing perfectly and the rest mediocre, but doing everything well or at least the best it can be. That is, being able to service both guard positions well.

Player … Ataman

See also at Subs: Larkin, Mikeck, Bobois. Can anyone say with confidence that any of the three is only an “ace” or only a “deuce”? You know the answer. And a person automatically understands why he chose it Bulldozer. It passes and executes with equal efficiency. And now he’s called into a “marriage” with three other first-class rangers in the area to stay… true to his habits.

if nothing else, Bulldozer It collects many positives in gaining it through Panathinaikos And less negative. First of all he came at a great age. before reaching 28 years old. with experiences. with offers. With the competitive elements needed by the “Greens”. Capable of an excellent pick-and-roll, either as a creator as he is known for both his vision of the court ‘delivering’ catch passes, or as an enforcer thanks to his executive acumen in dribbling.

Thanks to his experience in parquet euroleague He is able to “read” opponent’s defenses well and nine times out of 10 makes the best possible decision. Something he missed Panathinaikos Last few years. He is a player of psychology and instinct, who sometimes needs a little more… rein in while at other times works very positively for the team he plays for. On the contrary, he is not included in the category of good defenders, however, this is something he knows very well Ataman. Returning to the previous examples: why? They are good defenders LarkinAnd Mike And Popua;

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They need … another “bulldozer”.

main the Bulldozer her personality. He has leadership qualities. And he won’t hesitate to take the ball when he’s on fire. I think to put it better. He will ask about it. Even if this is his fault Panathinaiko Last few years. Players with the same character were missing. as it has Kevin Bander in the event of obtaining it. I want to say that apart from the purely competitive characteristics of each player, the “greens” need their list and … another “bulduz” in terms of their leadership skills. another thing. He has great communication with fans during matches. Players who become “one” with the platform and get fuel from the crowd. And at OAKA you know how it goes…

the Ataman It can be further developed and upgraded. As he did with the players in effects. Let’s do it again: the same players were Larkin And Mike before they go to Anatolo Are they the same players now? I want to believe that with the “quietly” acquisition of the Argentine, the more noise he can make. Asterisk: We’ll have to wait for the list to finish. What is certain is that the “strong” and ambitious foundations are beginning to be laid for the “tomorrow” of Panathinaikos. let’s see…