May 22, 2024

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Panayetolikos 0-0: In the cup final after 14 years, where they will win their first title since 1970.

Panayetolikos 0-0: In the cup final after 14 years, where they will win their first title since 1970.

Aris celebrated its qualification to the Greek Betson Cup final, after 14 years, where Panathinaikos awaits. A 0-0 draw with Panayetolikos was enough for the Yellows, as they won 1-0 in Agrinio.

Aris has qualified for the final of the Greek Betson Cup, where Panathinaikos awaits. Thessaloniki's 0-0 draw with Paneatolikos, as well as a 1-0 win over Agrinio, are on the ticket.

Ares had more finals, as well as the initiative of movements, and Panaetolkos was a fighter and fought until the last moment for his own miracles, without success.

The result was not in until the final match and Aris celebrated qualifying for the cup final after 14 years with a party at Cleanthes Fikilides. In fact, this is the 10th final in the team's history, where they will win their second title, their first since 1970.

the match

Ares came out strong in the first part. First, Suleimanov threatened in the second minute, then Brambitz's header, after a corner kick, went wide of the goal. Five minutes later, the yellow colors were present again. Darida sent a cross from the right side into the heart of the area. The Panetolikos defense did not hit it, and Suleimanov controlled it. He executed it from inside the area, but it did not find the goal.

Aris had the initiative in movement, with Panaitolikos trying to look dangerous on the counter-attack. In the 12th minute, Perez He filled the area from the left side, and Karelis found the ball in the area under pressure, but it went wide of the goal.

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The hosts moved, trying to break through the defense of Panetolikos, who was very cautious in defence, although in the 20th minute he received a header from Karelis. On the thirty-eighth From the right side, Odubajo passed a parallel pass to Zamora, who found it with his nose and got the corner.

The first part ended with a good moment for Ares. Suleimanov shoots from outside the penalty area Chavez is down and kicked into the corner in impressive fashion.

The picture did not change in the first minutes of the second half. Aris was moving in search of lanes, and Panaetokos was looking for his moment to counter-attack. Admittedly, there were fewer stages, as the visitors created a dangerous moment in front of Cuesta's goal in the 64th minute. A minute later, Phileth's header from a corner kick went wide.

In the 71st minute, Panetolikos tried to create a threat again, as Huanpi shot the ball outside the penalty area and the ball went wide of the goal. Agriniotis equalized in the 86th minute. After a corner kick, Bruno Duarte headed in a header, and the ball went wide of Cuesta's goal.

Aris had the opportunity to score the goal in the 90+4 minute. Derrida found himself in front of Panetolikos's guard, but under pressure from Tsingaras he did not hit him, and Ansarivard then opened fire on the bodies. The score of 0-0 did not change, but the Yellows celebrated their return to the final after 14 years.

  • Mars: Cuesta, Odubajo, Ferrari (90' Embudo), Brambitz, Fabiano, Velez (90' Rose), Darinda, Manu Garcia, Suleymanov (79' Saverio), Zamora, Moron (79' Ansarivard).
  • Panaretolic: Chavez, Mladen (80' Lomonaco), Br. Duarte, Tabitze, Morias, Fr. Duarte (81' Juanpi), Perez (80' Tsingaras), Hatzithodoridis, Torrejon, Singilia (72' Dias), Carriles (61' Silva).
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Schedule and results of the semi-finals

First matches

  • Panetolikos – Aris 0-1 (64' Philith)
  • PAOK Thessaloniki – Panathinaikos 0-1 (53' Sporar)

Second matches

  • Panathinaikos – PAOK Thessaloniki 1-2 (120+9' Limnius / 72' Zivkovic, 105' Kinziora) Penalty kick. 6-5
  • Aris – Panaetolkos 0-0


Saturday 18/05

  • Panathinaikos – Aris