April 13, 2024

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Panic at the Eurovisionfun concert in Thessaloniki with more than 1,500 people! – Eurovision News | music

Panic at the Eurovisionfun concert in Thessaloniki with more than 1,500 people!  – Eurovision News |  music

What we experienced on Friday evening, 3/29 at WE in Thessaloniki, cannot be described in words. It was a success that none of us expected when we started putting together this gig with Zoo Radio a few months ago. The Eurovision event that fans have been waiting for for years, not only in Thessaloniki, but also in the whole of Greece!

Attendance at WE started very early, with the line reaching several dozen meters from the entrance. However, the organization of the WE personnel was such that they entered quickly, after the necessary monitoring at the entrance, and without much trouble. The surprise of passers-by outside and seeing the gathered crowds was so great that many approached to ask what exactly was happening inside and were waiting for this large number of people to pass inside.

After the necessary sound check, as well as interviews conducted by the artists with journalists, to whom we thank very much for the special interest they showed in our event, the DJs of Zoo Radio and Transistor began playing our favorite Eurovision songs, with the audience naturally following the rhythm of the music. .

Shortly after 22.00, the city's famous tiktok player, Margaritis Kichias, who was also the host of the event, took to the stage. Then the writer took the floor on behalf of Eurovisionfun and everything was ready for the artists' performances.

First up on stage were 3Sum who treated us to a ten-minute Eurovision variety show. The girls' energy was just what it took to get the night started. After all, people were screaming that we should see them at Eurovision in the coming years, and of course 3Sum responded positively to such a possibility.

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Then it was the turn of Angela Peristeri, who sang both the entry that represented Albania at Eurovision 2021, as well as her new Greek song that was released some time ago.

Shortly after 23.00, it was Stefania's time. The reception she received from the WE audience was overwhelming, proving how much people loved her.

The live performances are completed with Celia Kapsis. For the first time, Celia sang in Thessaloniki, her mother's hometown, and was thus from the beginning strongly emotionally charged. People literally loved it, and at the moment of the dance break, everyone exploded with applause and wild cheers.

Celia gave a very good performance, both vocally and danceably, without of course giving us the choreography that we will see on the Eurovision stage. The comments of foreign Internet users are more than positive, without even seeing 10% of what the Cypriot mission prepares for us.

The party continued until 02.00 with a lot of dancing and most people staying until the end. We would like to thank once again everyone who honored us with his presence yesterday. The WE team informed us that a total of 1,390 tickets were scanned. If you add the invitations, the total number that were at our party was more than 1,500 people, which is unrepeatable in Greek history!

In the coming days, you will of course have the opportunity to see the exclusive interviews we have with all the artists, but also more omissions from our concert, both through our website and from the TV stations there.

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Special thanks again to Radio Zoo, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotou, without whose help this concert would not have been possible. We cannot fail to mention RIK, who gave us the honor of giving Celia her first live performance in Thessaloniki, at our concert.

You can watch a short video of what happened at our party in the video below:

@eurovisionfn Thank you #eurvisionfun #eurvisiongreece #Eurovision2024 #Thessaloniki #eurovisionparty ♬ original sound – Eurovisionfn

Don't miss our live broadcast tomorrow, Sunday at 21.00 on YouTube, for all the Eurovision news and of course our concert commentary!