June 13, 2024

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“PAOK killed us, I’m so sad”

“PAOK killed us, I’m so sad”

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Disappointed with Hajduk’s heavy defeat in Toumba, which marked their exit from Europe, Ivan Leko appeared, who recognized PAOK’s superiority over his team.

Hajduk entered the Toumba stadium aggressively, but after the first goal conceded by PAOK, they had no reaction, and the final found them losing 3-0 and remaining out of the Conference League.

This fact disappointed Ivan Leko, as the Croatian coach recognized the superiority of the Thessaloniki team and stressed that the players must now meet with the goal of the championship.

In detail what he said:

On the heavy defeat in Tumba: We played well in some parts of the game, but it wasn’t enough. I’m very sad. PAOK is a serious team and a serious coach. We can say that PAOK killed Hajduk. Good luck Buck. I apologize to our fans.”

On Diallo’s mistake, which cost his team: “It is not right to blame Diallo for the mistake that led to PAOK’s second goal. He is not a blocker. This is how football is. Sometimes the opponent punishes your mistakes and sometimes they don’t.”

To be excluded from Europe: “We had to score, we didn’t manage to do that. Our next goal is the championship and we need to build up to succeed.”

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