February 21, 2024

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Paris: A terrorist attack left one dead – the attacker was shouting “Allahu Akbar” – Newsbomb – News

Paris: A terrorist attack left one dead – the attacker was shouting “Allahu Akbar” – Newsbomb – News

Terrorism in Paris after attacks From a stranger with a knife and a hammer. One person was killed and at least two were injured.

Warning Featured on Saturday afternoon (02/12) at Parisafter Strange attack with knife And Hammer In the region Quai de Grenellewith a report Dead man And At least two were injured.

Its first update Interior Minister Ha From France – about France, Geralt DarmaninRegarding the unfortunate incident:

The alleged perpetrator of the tragedy was arrested while screaming “Allah is the greatest” (“God is great”) during the attack, according to a police source. The attack victim was found in cardiac and respiratory arrest Bridge Bir – wiseshortly before 22:00, according to a police source Parisian. He died because injury with knife in behind And the shoulder.

the The second victimA tourist from Great Britain was injured in head from He blows With a hammer. According to a police source, he was walking with his wife and child when the attacker came from behind him and hit him.

During his arrest, the alleged assailant threatened police with a hammer. then, police A stun gun was used twice to immobilize the perpetrator, and he was arrested Rue du Parc des Passy.

the name to suspected -Which is child in France– It is in the list French authorities to Acts of extremist IslamWhile he allegedly told police that he could not accept “the killing of Arabs,” she said Parisian. In addition, he is said to suffer from Mental illnessAccording to a police source France Press agency.

the Geralt Darmanin He goes to the scene of the tragedy and after that he will talk to representatives of the press.

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