June 19, 2024

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Petridis: “Offloading is normal, Panathinaikos players are not robots” – Basketball – Greece

Petridis: “Offloading is normal, Panathinaikos players are not robots” – Basketball – Greece

in Lack of energyWhich did not surprise him, Giorgos Petridis stood in his “air”. Boyne Sport FM 94.6 While he pointed out that his players Panathinaiko Actor To respond to the second SEF final tomorrow.

It was a match in which Panathinaikos did not have the required levels of energy and intensity, and Berlin fell behind, unable to impose its rhythm except for some attacks that lasted four minutes. There was no one who stood out unlike Olympiacos who had plenty. He was hounded throughout the game but the offload played a big role, which is understandable after such great success. It’s something we’d expect, Panathinaikos players aren’t robots controlling the entire switch. We will see tomorrow how it will be, there has to be a reaction and they have to get rid of some ego“, he commented characteristically.

At the same time, the station’s correspondent pointed out that Noon may have finished the game with 21 points, but he started by shooting 1/10, and LeSueur was present in the first half, while even Players who came off the bench From “clover” They couldn’t offer The energy the team needs.

Petridis pointed this out Balczerowski’s “cut” didn’t turn out to be the right choice From the ataman’s point of view, with Milutinov in such a state, the Polish position of Panathinaikos Aktor as a body could make it difficult for him.

While he referred to two or three “false whistles” blown by the referees without specifying the result. He was against the “Seven Stars”.

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