July 22, 2024

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Pimping ring: “25-year-old used to drug women” – what parents say

Pimping ring: “25-year-old used to drug women” – what parents say

Key evidence about the pimping ring was collected by victims' parents, who described the nightmare their children were living.

Characteristically, the victim's mother said: “It's a big ring, they're divided into groups. We're all moving together. I've given other mums the strength not to give up.”

The parents of seven girls who were forced to become detectives to save their daughters from a pimping ring are now expressing their relief.

The 25-year-old not only forced them to rape her for payment but also forced them to smuggle drugs.

In fact, the victim's mother continues her explanation: “I was also behind, but unfortunately… what happened… my daughter had a father and a mother, she had a house. So, I did what I could.”

The ring fished clubs for its underage victims. The parents knew the 25-year-old was the ringleader. “He is a dangerous man.”

In fact, according to the testimony of another mother, the 25-year-old not only forced them to go on sexual dates for payment, but also forced some of them to sell drugs.

“The 25-year-old initially took the girls to well-known 'pot' clubs, from where he 'plugged' customers to book dates. Little by little they took my daughter away from us, and then I started looking for what was going on. As I testified to the authorities, in the ring The girls moved from club to club selling drugs to known customers.

“Both circuits are connected”

Parents of seven minor girls who were victims of pimping collected vital information and handed it over to the authorities. They tracked their children's movements and gathered information about both the ring “instigated” by the 25-year-old and the ring “led” by Lorella.

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“It was a big round and they split into groups. One has this, the other has the other. We all go together and I gave strength to other mothers not to give up,” says the mother of one of the victim girls.

Parents say they are relieved by the new arrest by the police. “I was also behind, but unfortunately… what happened happened. My daughter had both father and mother and she had a house. So I did what I could. All I can,” says another mother.