May 18, 2024

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Piraeus: Mafia organization, attempted murder and lavish lifestyle – Newsbaum – News

Piraeus: Mafia organization, attempted murder and lavish lifestyle – Newsbaum – News

All 64 members of the mafia organization Piraeus seem to be “living”…eating the money of innocent citizens who see their money grow after being accused…investments the organization ordered them to make.

Yachts, fancy hotels and fast cars were among their preferences… to relax but also to convince their victims that they belonged to a financially prosperous society.

In fact, the 50-year-old leader from Sparta appeared to be a person who cooperated with various casinos in the country, and he had the means to provide loan after loan to the official VIP customers of the casinos with a pledge system. Again these amounts increased.

Thus, the victims believed in a sure profit. Once the members snatched the money… they disappeared on various pretexts. At other times the ringleader used the pretext of buying and selling gold pounds, gold plates, and expensive watches, which he had to sell to his victims well below the market price. Instead, they gave their victims fake checks and bank cards and “monkey” watches.

A night thug hired by the criminal organization to blackmail him knocks on the door when the victim… becomes pushy and asks for even what he’s given in return. However, the investigation showed that things got out of hand in one case when a member of a criminal group was accused of attempted murder against a hotel owner in Loutraki.

The good people who protected the criminal activities of fraudsters, arrested in 2020, and then active in Salamina, Akelio, Agia Varvara, Koridalos, Nikaya, Geratsini, Trabetsona, Perama.

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The then absconding gang leader and the now absconding gang leader have been acting as ‘collaborators’, police said, even after the former, who was initially sentenced to 28 years in prison, was taken into custody. months.

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