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Pispirigou trial: “Ketamine must have been given close to death”, Prof Chatsakis says – Newsbomb – News

Pispirigou trial: “Ketamine must have been given close to death”, Prof Chatsakis says – Newsbomb – News

“I am the most famous toxicologist in the world. They refer to me universally in my subject,” he introduced himself in court. “For many years I have been heavily involved in the field of forensic toxicology. I request the court to respect that I am here to help the court. The only reason I came was not to advertise, but to help. You don’t see me on any channel,” he added.

In his first report, the toxicologist stated that his overall opinion was “Inquiry into the written decision is incomplete. This does not confirm that we have dangerous poison. Scientifically there are flaws».

Explaining the deficiencies he found, he said there was no question of denying the amount of ketamine found, but clarified that “everything becomes poisonous depending on the amount and the circumstances.”
However, as he points out, there are many things that indicate this is not working.

“When a toxicologist talks about poisoning, if one cause is isolated, it means that it caused death. There is a general principle. This dose, whether it is large or small, does not matter…there must be a window in the body for the substance to be metabolized, and then more in the organs. should be in quantity. This is classic evidence of toxicity.”

He stressed that “very little” ketamine metabolites were found in urine and expressed concern that evidence was gradually being added to toxicology. “There cannot be a gradual enrichment of the organs,” he said.
“Bucianis comes to a conclusion. He gets the answer that although he has done a very good deed, he suddenly doesn’t know where it is referred to.

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Ketamine is a hospital drug. This is an introduction to anesthesia. All European protocols contain ketamine, midazolam and rocuronium. Where does ketamine come from as an outpatient drug?The witness asked, “Even a high dose would be safe, given the conditions the toxicologist didn’t know at the time. You have to say, ‘I found this,’ and investigate it.”

Mr. Chatsakis insisted that the tests did not show poisoning, “Then some tests came out, which were sent to me by a lawyer, Ottona Papadopoulos. These tests did not show what I expected. They did not take the brain or the liver to find out if there was evidence of ketamine poisoning, who administered it. Not even on the hospitalization sheet. Midazolam is not, but let me remind you that it was discovered. That is the protocol. Discovered according to a protocol. Something seems different…”

Chairman: What’s the difference?

the witness: Apparently given shortly before 2.30 p.m. The chromatograms I’ve seen…not all together. They condensed. There should be a chromatogram that contains all the drugs, not just one drug!

Chairman: Does anything change the essence of the results?

the witness: It turns out that we are not comparing one with the other. The bottom line is that you have a sample of the autopsy material and no comparison has been made. They were scolding. Laboratory is not acceptable. Someone will say you did this!

Chairman: What do you mean what did you do?

the witness: This is not evidence, not all evidence is visible. It doesn’t look ordinary, not from the process of putting all the elements together.

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Chairman: Is it virtual?

the witness: Nothing is virtual… I didn’t say that.
A toxicologist in the case testified about what Raykos contributed, which also “convinced” the medical examiner.

«Initially we talked about the results of an autopsy. If he didn’t have that suggestion for ketamine, he wouldn’t have made that decisionThe witness said and reiterated that the testimony did not show ketamine toxicity, but in any event the child was given closer to 2:30 p.m.

«If the cause was ketamine it should have been given 15-20 minutes after death. But we don’t see levels. If given shortly before death, the levels found are explained.”.

Conference: Can ketamine be given to a child when he has a seizure?

the witness: Yes, it can.

Conference: Mr. A metabolite was detected in Ryko’s urine. Could Ketamine have been given 20′ earlier?

the witness: Yes, it can. Or, it is not clear whether he can or not.

Conference: You said the safest test for ketamine is tissue testing. Can they be examined after formalin? Can formalin-fixed tissue be tested toxicologically?

the witness: Some amount of material remains in tissue and some diffuses in formalin. So we can find her…

Conference: Excuse me sir, is that a safe decision?

the witness: If the exam goes well, yes.

Roulas Pispirigou, responding to questions received from the defense lawyer of Alexis Kougia, the witness said about the results given by the toxicologist Nikos Raikos: “Scientifically, it is not correct that he made piecemeal conclusions. He should say that I found these two drugs and leave it there.

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Kugias: Mr. Rykos came forward 17 months later and said he ran additional tests that found rocuronium in the blood, midazolam in the urine and other evidence. Should he have brought them up now or before he gives his first decision in March?

Witness: All this should be done from scratch.

Chairman: The documents have dates from March 2022 onwards.
Koogias: He brought them now. This is the date of the documents, but did the exams take place then?

Witness: The results are not scientifically reliable. The main point is that Mr. From the documents brought by Rykos, conclusions can only be drawn regarding the first documents and his conclusion. This is a problem.

The witness questioned how Professor Rykos calculated the amount of ketamine found in Georgina. “If you take it to the conference in Mawra Alonia they will applaud, otherwise they will not accept it. Anyone can comment.”

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