June 16, 2024

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Plane crash in a mountainous area in Afghanistan

Plane crash in a mountainous area in Afghanistan

A regional official said that a plane crashed in a mountainous area in northeastern Afghanistan. BadakhshanWithout going into more details, he spoke on behalf of the governorate police.

He added to Agence France-Presse that “a plane crashed, but its location has not been determined.” Zabihullah Al-Amiri Official of the Department of Culture and Information in the region.

“The villagers have informed us,” the official explained.

He added: “We sent a team to the place, but it did not arrive, and we do not have any details.”

A provincial police spokesman said that police in northern Afghanistan received information about a plane crash in Badakhshan province.

It is currently unknown whether the plane is carrying a passenger flight or a cargo flight, nor from which country the company that owns the plane belongs.

According to preliminary information, it is a French-made Falcon 10 plane, which was on a charter flight with 6 passengers on board from India to Moscow.

Sources: PE-MPE-AFP-Reuters

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