April 13, 2024

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Podence Premier League, Olympiacos titles

Podence Premier League, Olympiacos titles

In the Toumba derby, Podence was the guy we know and led Olympiacos to the big double. Championship DNA and target changes. Lambros Palavas writes.

Now things are getting serious. From nihilism and damnation, to excitement and explosion, because that is the DNA of this group. It's easy to guess that our conversation is mainly about Olympiacos after the desperate (and not winning) way Toumba went through.

It was obviously no surprise that the 'Red and White' were victorious at PAOK Stadium, but with things shaping up on the scoreboard, the Piraeus side were going to Thessaloniki to play their last card.

In the end, they definitely won a match that may play a major role in the coming period and in the remaining 13 matches until the players enter the bathroom.

This 1-4 result makes more noise than PAOK's 2-4 result in Karaiskakis in the first round. Because then and now, PAOK was an ordinary team, and Olympiacos then… looked like a team, now… we feel it again.

To go along with the overzealous people, their team has not become the favorite to win the title (in my eyes AEK was and still is), they are in 4th place, let's not forget, and at -5 from the top, they are just starting out and.. .discovering aspects of themselves that were He had forgotten her.

The red and white DNA of heroism

The new statement of intent from Olympiacos in a packed Toumba Stadium, sending a message to all title seekers. And it was loud. It's not a journalistic exaggeration, but a conclusion that many people who understand Greek football deeply agree on.

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If Olympiacos were another title contender and did exactly the same things as the 'Red and White', they would be 15 points off the top and already planning for next year. But the Piraeus team has championships in their blood, and they can come back from hell.

For now, this comeback has a name: José Luis Mendelibre is said to be the cause of good for Olympiacos. “I came to implement my ideas“The Basque technician confirms and tells the whole truth.

He couldn't have done anything different. In 7 days with 5 training sessions and 2 matches, it will be impossible to present a group that will… embroider on the field. Automation and systems require months and years of work with a group of players, and now there is no time even for the basics.

Medilibar, who is very experienced, tries to implement a plan that “camouflages” the weaknesses we just mentioned and highlights the talent that most of the players on the roster possess.

Direct football, the participation of everyone in both halves of the field, pressure, continuous runs, “narrowing” the field, these are simple things that the “red and whites” have not done yet, or they have not done them in order to achieve a settlement. They have not done them in an organized and consistent manner.

Regular pontense appeared

This sequence raises the levels of teamwork, and through teamwork individual talents emerge. Olympiacos has quality players who, especially after the January additions, lacked proper management. Watch Pontins and you will understand.

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After a first month in which the enthusiasm for his return faded, the Portuguese became united with the mediocrity that characterized everyone. In Tuba, we admired the English Premier League player, Podense, a player who carried wolves on his shoulders. Speed ​​of thought and execution, dynamism in all movements, driving style, a source of inspiration for the rest.

This did not happen on its own, but rather the new order of things caused it. And good ol' Pontense, he'll bring in the Kaabi, he'll benefit from the hard work of the terrible Axis trio, Essie, Chiquinho, Horta, and he'll take some responsibility from Fortuny, who was on the verge of… escaping dependency. He had the whole mechanism of his good day Or the bad.

The great importance of targeted changes

Medilibar, beyond the initial plan, gives great weight to the moves he will make from the bench. Don't forget that it is often important how you finish the match. As happened on Thursday, and also yesterday in Tomba, at the right time, he revitalized his team with players who added to the work he had done before.

Ferencvaros goalkeeper Debos stuck to this as well, when he said after the Hungarians' defeat that the changes made by Olympiacos had made the difference. So when you can get your pipe in and the heels are relaxed, the 1-2 leans more towards the 1-4 than the 2-2…

Olympiacos seems to have struck a chord with Mendelibre. He's not a magician, but he has ideas that the people of Piraeus lacked. First win this year in a derby under a lot of pressure, it's the first big win. I don't know how far this rally can go, as history will tell us, but faith has returned to the port.

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We're faced with a constant stream of…challenges, match-ups, fits…and gloves. If the red and white team returns early Friday from Budapest with qualification, they will believe even more in everything.

I only eliminated Olympiacos on the note, because he made a (positive) impression with…the boom of his new coach's ideas. For PAOK, the situation needs careful management, because he risks losing everything. The blow will be very strong, because until ten days ago, he had the image of the first team in the country.

Wednesday's match and the cup match with Panathinaikos in Leoforos is as crucial a 'roll' for Louskos and his players as yesterday's match against Olympiacos…