April 19, 2024

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Point of Sale Interface – Fines: AADE contacts businesses to determine whether the delay is due to force majeure or negligence

Point of Sale Interface – Fines: AADE contacts businesses to determine whether the delay is due to force majeure or negligence
The following statement was issued by the press office of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance:

The interconnection of cash registers with the point of sale has been successfully completed
More than 255,000 businesses have called or have a call scheduled during the month of April

More than 255,000 are businesses that have completed their cash register interface with POS or have a scheduled appointment to do so by April 30., which is the deadline. It's basically about 90% Businesses subject to interconnection. In more detail, the number of companies that completed interconnection exceeded 145,000 companies, while more than 110,000 companies communicated with installation technicians and set an appointment to interconnect their systems in the AADE application. It is noted that The remaining is about 10%. From commercial concerns:
Seasonal businesswhich has room for communication until the day it resumes its work,
Companies that have not yet contacted, and have not initiated an appointment to link their cash register with points of sale during the month of April who are now facing fines. As of tomorrow, AADE will continue communications, based on available data, with the companies concerned, in order to determine whether this delay is due to force majeure or negligence, in order to then take the relevant decisions.

It is noteworthy that the pace of interconnection has increased in recent days, with about 5,000 connections being completed daily. At these rates and with dates already set, it is expected that the project will be completed within schedule. At the same time, with the aim of the orderly completion of this emblematic project, which is one of the largest corporate digital transformation projects, a working team has been created in daily contact and cooperation with technicians and companies in order to identify and correct any irregularities or problems that may arise in this process. At the same time, all concerns and suggestions of professional bodies are taken into account so that the project is implemented smoothly and without further delay.

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Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, said: “We said it, we did it! The project to connect cash registers with points of sale was completed on schedule. No one believed us until a few weeks ago. But the numbers confirm that about 90% of companies have either completed interconnection or have a specific date to do so during the month of April. No further extension will be granted, as meeting the deadline is now also a matter of fairness in relation to those companies that were quick to contact.
Over the next few days, AADE will contact those who have not yet been contacted to determine whether this is due to force majeure. We are moving forward with full determination to implement an important project to address tax evasion that will bring multiple benefits to citizens and companies

Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance, Haris Theocharis, said:We are now at the end of a difficult and important journey. The point-of-sale interconnection project is progressing smoothly, and is being completed within the predetermined time schedule, as we planned from the beginning in the Ministry of National Economy and Finance. It is a big and important project and we have not taken a single step back. In challenge to those who harass the government, trying in every way to downgrade the rating and in fact prevent the implementation of measures to promote tax fairness, we said that the connection between cash registers and points of sale will be a one-way street from now on. Without concessions and without concessions, for the benefit of all taxpayers and the entire Greek people».

AADE Governor, Giorgos Pitselis, said: “Systematically, continuously and in close daily cooperation with all agencies involved, an important and very complex project to deal with tax evasion becomes a reality. The interconnection of cash registers with POS complements the digital reform that began with the myDATA platform and the interconnection of cash registers with AADE. We continue to monitor the progress of the project until all companies’ cash systems are linked to the points of sale, in accordance with the legislative and regulatory framework that has been established.».

Point of Sale Deadlines – Cash Register Interface

It should be noted that the relevant deadlines for linking POS to cash registers are as follows:
– Deadline to complete the process by April 30, 2024 they have:
• the Business that did not continue To connect its systems during the month of March, But they have a specific date With an installation technician during the month of April.
Companies that are registered in the point of sale register This is my go to replace Their monetary system together New all-in-one solutions available, which does not require additional interface actions. Indeed, they have been approved Two service providers Electronic invoices with such solutions are coming very soon More are expected.
– At the same time even April 30, 2024 It is also defined Deadline for withdrawal tax mechanisms (EAFDSSS) from the companies you use.
– Especially Businesses that use cash register system with ERP software They must follow Basic Interconnection Rule No. A.1155/2023 for their POS, it should be noted that they already have a deadline of May 31, 2024.
– Finally, the Enclosed business cash registers For any reason (such as seasonality) and will be opened after the end of the above-mentioned schedule, it must be connected to the point of sale terminals provided by The first day of resumption of work.

Fines have been activated

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It is noteworthy that for compliant companies that did not connect their systems or start scheduling appointments during the month of April, they face fines if they cannot justify their failure to do so for compelling reasons. Specifically, a fine is provided 10,000 eurosas long as they comply Simple accounting system And 20,000 euros For the binding Diplomatic. These fines are halved for businesses established in settlements with a population of up to 500 people and on islands with a population of up to 3,100 people (excluding tourists).

In the event of repetition within five years, the fines will be doubled and tripled for each subsequent violation.

Finally, this is reminded As of April 1, 35 retail branches must install POS and accept card transactions. Officials who fail to do so now face a fine of 1,500 euros for each violation. AADE will begin the relevant verification processes early tomorrow.